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Master Cylinder woes - others experiences

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  • Master Cylinder woes - others experiences


    I think I have a failing master cylinder.

    I would like to hear other owners symptons of a failing master cylinder - just a couple of lines will do, like: pedal sinks to floor, pedal goes straight to the floor, brakes are grabbing then going soft etc etc.

    Any info would be appreciated.



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    Roops this happened to me but when travelling on motorway at 70 when pressing the brake there was no response for less than a second and then the brakes bit. The pedal movement was a very little when this happened. When they failed the pedal went straight to the floor pumped and pumped and after about 5 seconds started to work again. The slave and master were replaced. I would recommend it get done asap as it went on me in slow traffic as well and luckily there was a road to the left i could swerve into.

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      I was told that I needed a new master cylinder on my old red M3 , but was never convinced that I did. The car did seem to have more rear brake that front at the time. But it didn't seem to feel any better really to me with the new one,.
      I've still got it if your interested or want to swap it over and see how it feels. It was a brand new OE BMW part, unless your going to up grade to the 25 MM type. It must be only 3 years old max.
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        Martin, thanks for the offer. I may take you up on it. I want to explore the 25mm upgrade, but need to check the fittings as mine is a bit different from stock as it now has the bias control.