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dash plaque

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  • dash plaque

    Hi everybody,

    I have been looking for an M3 E30 for while and came across with one that was originally bought in the UK. It has a dashboard plaque with the following inscription

    Tourenwagen Europameister 87 No. XX. Also on the plaque there are two signatures.
    On the purchase invoice from BMW it is written M3 motorsport edition.

    The car is a diamond black with production date 12/1987 full black leather, electronic damper control, Hartge 240bhp engine conversion, only 15000 miles, full service history, always garaged and since 1995 it has been sitting around.

    Can anyone help with plaque since it seems not any of the obvious limited editions I’m aware of?

    Also where can I look for the VIN number on the chassis panels?

    Thank you for your input.

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    Check out the versions button above on this site, but you could also look at this link too.

    BMW M Registry

    Your Europameister is one of the rarer models, akin to the Cecotto, also a limited run with similar spec. The signature should be of Roberto Ravaglia!!

    Here is another link which may be of interest!


    Any Pics!!
    E30 M3 - The Original Inspiration


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      My "problem" is that the Europmeister edition where and correct if i am wrong, produced at the end of 1988 and this one is from december 1987, plus the plaque is different from the Europmeister - The text is different, the plaque has a yellow brass color and there are two signatures.


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        As far as I know the Europameister was only available in
        Macao Blue Metallic!



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          Try and get some pics on the site! Many of the members will be able to assist, this is the place you will get your answers!
          E30 M3 - The Original Inspiration


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            Ola Pmartins, voce e portugues, nao? Eh sou dos Estados Unidos(Massachussetts). Este website e o melhor website para O E30 M3. Tu escreves bem o ingles. Anyways, de onde es em Portugal? Os meus pais sao de tras-os-montes.

            Boa Sorte em comprar um M3
            Joey Batista


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              Ola Joey, sim sou portugues e estou a morar em Lisboa. Concordo que este site é o melhor para o M3 (perco horas a navegar pelo site . O Teu português é muito bom.
              Obrigado e Felecidades

              Pedro Martins


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                Here's a pic of the 4 types of dash plaque .

                Here a link to the chassis numbers by model . Cross check yours against these. The VIN number is stamped on the scuttle panel .You'll also find it on a black plate next to the windscreen washer bottle , under the hood.

                Link to chassis numbers
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                  Like Marc said already. All Europameisters were Macao Blue. The cars were produced in October and November 1988. Seems there is a fake plaque in the car.
                  Also the Hartge H 35-24 engine was 300 hp.


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                    Originally posted by pmartins
                    Ola Joey, sim sou portugues e estou a morar em Lisboa. Concordo que este site é o melhor para o M3 (perco horas a navegar pelo site . O Teu português é muito bom.
                    Obrigado e Felecidades

                    Pedro Martins
                    Nao sei se tu ja foste a este site: "" tem milhares de fotos de diferentes modelos de toda parte do mundo, e tambem se vende muitas pecas do EV0 3. Se ainda nao notaste, toma aqui um link para mais websites:


                    acho eu que somos os ultimos Portugueses neste site
                    P.S. Qual e o teu clube? Sou e sempre fui do PORTO!!
                    O aqui sao fotos da minha beleza. Ves logo que sou Portugues!!!


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                      Também eu sou português e ainda à procura de um E30 M3... A prova de que esta é mesmo a melhor comunidade de entusiastas deste modelo é que consegue juntar pessoas de todos os cantos do mundo. E está provado... os portugueses estão mesmo em todo o lado




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                        Originally posted by Carlo M3
                        Also the Hartge H 35-24 engine was 300 hp.
                        Well it seems that Hartge had 3 engine kits for the M3 E30:

                        I - 2.3 l 240 PS
                        II - 2.5 l 260 PS
                        III - 3.6 l E34 M5 modified engine, 330 PS

                        Under the E30 M3 Tech Specs

                        The owner of this M3 (the first and only until now according to the papers) went to Germany to install the 240PS kit. He also told that the plaque came with car when he bought it in the UK from a BMW dealership and that's bugging me. I have already compared the VIN number with the special editions and there is no match, also the plaque is different from the ones shown by BMG.
                        I will try to take a photo of the plaque when I see the car again to clarify this.

                        Tank you all for your help

                        Pedro Martins

                        P.S. Joey o meu clube é o Sporting. Este ano o campeonato está renhido...
                        Obrigado pelos links. vou dar uma vista de olhos e parabéns pela máquina very cool.
                        És de onde Tiago?


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                          Can you post a picture of the plaque?


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                            must be a "selfmade" one.....
                            there are definetly only 4 different original ones available.....




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                              post the last 7 digits of the vin or have them checked at a dealer for production date, options, engine number, gearbox nr, first delivery and the like