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Need help solving brake mystery.

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  • Need help solving brake mystery.

    I have been having troubles keeping brake fluid in the reservoir and noticed the small plastic elbows entering the MC are developing holes. Mainly the plastic tube at the front of the MC. I have had to go through about 4 of them and the problem keeps coming back. Tried different MCs and still the same problem. Could it be the the ABS control unit located at the front of the engine bay? ABS relay? It seems that the fluid is being pushed back in a way not intended. Is it common w/ the AN conversion to see this happen? Thanks in advance.
    Justin T.

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    I'd change the master cylinder reservoir, if it is available separately.
    Otherwise, the MC.
    The ABS unit won't pump fluid backwards.


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      If you are talking about a Grp A replica CF intake setup, and the little plastic elbows they include to adapt the remote reservoir to your stock MC,,, what happens is the intake hammers the little plastic fittings as the engine flexes.
      I have had to repair mine several times.

      As the engine torques & relaxes it hammers those little plastic elbows until it wears a hole in them.

      I have tried several ways to prevet this the most recent one is by coating the top side of the elbows with epoxy.
      The intakes are just too close to the MC to prevent it with stock type motor mounts.
      If you have the lower mounts I imagine its even worse.

      The right way to fix it is to go with a stock height solid - semi solid motor mount to eliminate the engine movement that wears them out.
      Thats my next move.

      jimmy p.
      jimmy p.
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