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any experience with Mobil 1 oil filters?

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  • any experience with Mobil 1 oil filters?

    Saw this at advanced auto parts, wanted to know if anyone has used it?
    I always feel sure oem parts are good, but the oil filter for the E30 M3 is over 25 years old
    and technology has progressed a great deal in that time
    so maybe some of the newer filters are much better

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    Been using M1 filters for years now. No different than any other filter. Just spin it on. As far as it's ability to keep the oil clean, I am sure it does a good job.


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      Should be good.. Just purchased their filter and some 15w-50, cannot see why it wouldn't be comprable effectiveness to OEM..
      One letter. One number. One legend ///M3.


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        I have used the Mobil 1 filters a few times....if I am out of OEM and they have them at the local parts store. I dunno, my motor didn't blow when I was using them, but what sort of evaluation is that? How does one know?

        Somewhere I read a comparison of various filters....and IIRC the Mobil 1 was a higher quality filter.


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          Study as of 2010 ranked Purolator ahead with Mobil 1 not far behind. That being said, my personal choice has always been OEM or Mobil 1.
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