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Torn between two

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  • Torn between two

    Hey guys,

    I need to make a decision and I am un-able to sleep over this. End result, I need to sell one of my m's to get a e46 m3 for my fiance.

    I just purchased another e30 m3 and dont know which one to keep. I got the new one (silver e30 m3) from an original owner just around the corner from my house. He hasn't drove this car for the last two years (periodically drives at night to get the fluids running) and was garaged. Car was maintained only at A&E here in Cambell, CA.

    Everything is original and the car drives VERY solid with no buzz at all. Comes with bilstein adjustable shocks and original suspension as well. Silver and red interior, 124k miles, clear title.

    My current e30 m has 160k miles, clear title and all the goodies.

    Which one should I keep??? Pics below:

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    Keep both, get your fiance a Mini,,, or a night job.

    There is nothing that says I love you like multiple E30M3 ownership...


    3 x e30m3s and counting...
    jimmy p.
    87 E30 M3 Prodrive British Touring Car
    88 E30 M3 Zinnoberot - Street
    88 E30 M3 Lachsilber - Race (#98 SCCA SPU)
    92 E30 M Technic Cabrio - S14 POWERED!
    98 318Ti M44, Base - Morea Green
    04 Ford F350 - V10


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        The Black one. but I am biased.


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          Hey was up Calvin, Harlan told me about you getting another E30 M3 2 or 3 weeks ago. Well ones got the goods and the other is a vergin. Tough call, swap the goodies to the vergin? At the end of it, it simply comes down to your call. Btw was up with your old Fiske's?


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            Keep both.....


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            1988 M3 Dog

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            1990 M3 Sport Evo

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              apparently keeping both is not an option so why not swap all the goodies over to the lower mileage one and then sell the other
              A friend will come bail you out of jail, but a TRUE friend will be sitting next to you in the jail cell saying, "Dude, that was focking awesome!"


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                How much has been spent on the higher milage car in maintenance, how long owned? If a lot, and a long time, then I would rather want to stick with the car that I know well if it was me. Lower milage on the other one , so what? Doesn`t mean much really and there`s only a 35k mile difference anyway. The other car at least you know what you`ve got.

                Besides, swapping stuff over isn`t as simple. The wheels match the black car better, the wing mirrrors would need repainting. What else?

                1988 Evo II

                2006 Z4 3.0Si Sport Coupe


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                  Give her the silver one.............



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                    I agree with the guy who said "Get her a night job." :cool:


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                      yeah, think I'll edit my previous response to:

                      Dump the GF and keep both :p
                      A friend will come bail you out of jail, but a TRUE friend will be sitting next to you in the jail cell saying, "Dude, that was focking awesome!"


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                        What a delicious challenge...keepin' everything.:evil:


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                          Why does your fiance need an E46 M3?


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                            125k isnt "low mileage".... so sell it. No sense starting over from square one and spending all your money again to replicate your black car.

                            You'll never recoup the costs of the black car in the sale.

                            Buy her a ZCP e46, at least then you'll get some enjoyment out of it. :cool:
                            Chris L.

                            Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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                              Dude, if your fiance is demanding the e46 M3 before you are married, just wait until the stuff she needs after you are married.