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Diff cover- What is this????

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  • Diff cover- What is this????

    I got a Z3M cover and when i compared it to the old one i noticed that there is what looks like a hose connection to the top of the old one(passenger side) that is not on the new one.
    I assume this is a breather but do i need to modify something on the new one?

    I can not remember if there was anything connected to it and how it was:

    Here is how it compares with my new cover:

    Should i just bolt on the new one and not worry about it?
    Any advice much appreciated!!!!!

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    personally I would drill and tap that small vent hole fit an elbow pipe connector with a small pipe and extend it and put the breather further up out the way, but that's just me............


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      The stock cover has that raised pin with a small hole in it as a breather to expel any gases that build up. on the new cover you will see the small hole built in to the cover itself. I just installed the cover and have had no issues. The one thing I would say to make sure you do is install the safety wire that holds the sensor in like the original. Anyone correctly me if I wrong. Hope this helps. Hugo


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        What do you mean by safety wire?


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          Nothing to do. Bolt it on and go.
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