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Having trouble with changing front struts...

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  • Having trouble with changing front struts...

    First of all, I'd like to thank all the folks who've contributed to my posted issues thus far. I've been training, working, and deployed for majority of last ten years and haven't been able to work on the M3 as much as I'd like to, so in a little rusty. Here are my issues: 1 - Setting the strut/spring assembly correctly; how do I properly align the spring with the top hat (and top hat with spring perch/mount)? I get a grating sound when turning the wheel like the springs are not seated correctly... 2 - Releasing the strut insert from the housing; have not gotten this far, but was confused on how to deal with the housing collar when removing the actual strut. Again, thanks for your patience/help. - Hugh

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    What set up are you using? The strut, spring and perch should be moving as one unit. The strut bearing (or mount) sits on the top and allows the whole unit to turn as you move the steering wheel. If you are hearing grinding noises, your strut mount may be bad.

    To release the strut insert from the housing you can use the special tool to loosen the collar, or hold with a vise and carefully use a chisel to loosen the collar.


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      Pipe wrench also works to remove the strut insert collar - although it may make a little bit of a mess of it.


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        I am going from Koni Sports to Bilstein Sports for IE3 springs. Does the collar turn or is it just friction that holds it together? Thanks all.


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          The collar is threaded into the top end of the strut tube.