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Brake Hose from MC - size - where to buy

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  • Brake Hose from MC - size - where to buy

    I'm still working on my brake system. I have a remote brake reservoir that is connected to the brake master cylinder and clutch cylinder via rubber hose. I bought the kit from Markus and used the brake line he supplied when I did the initial install. I want to move the brake fluid reservoir and need more hose. Does anyone know what size (diameter) it is and where to get it? I believe it is 7.5 mm. Should be the same as #8 below, right? I can find 5/16" line, but that's a little bigger than 7.5 mm, and I don't think it's a good idea to use it. I've searched here and on google, but haven't found anything yet.


    Ok. here's a link. I can't seem to get pictures from Flikr to display any more. So far I've just been uploading everything I want to display.
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    you can get it from your BMW dealer.... 21 52 1 163 714 Markus


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      Thanks Markus. I assumed that 21 52 1 163 714 would just be 13 mm long. So it comes in a longer piece? Is the 21 52 1 163 714 what you supply with your kit?


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        it is available in the lenght that you'll need.... don't know the english word for "Meterware" maybe "sold by the meter" ?


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          Thanks again. And yes sold by the meter works. Hose and other items sold in bulk are often "sold by the foot" here.