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full floor replacement and frame repair thread, anyone did this before?

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  • full floor replacement and frame repair thread, anyone did this before?

    Hi people, as the titles say's im trying to find a thread of someone who has done it before, does about 30-45mins im trying to find anything on a e30 or m3 and didn't get anything interesting. Almost everyone ''patch it''. In my case I have the rear floor bended and the front frame damaged and were the point I am on the restoration it's not something possible to do. The car is on a rotisserie and the floor is almost all removed so if someone can give me a clue it will be appreciated!

    As what i've heard it's not possible to get full replacement sheet by a jobber company?

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    You can cut a floor from a regular 3 series. Let's see some pics to clarify what piece you need.


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      This may be of assistance if you're looking for examples:
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      Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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        Haven't seen anything on floor replacement, except for the caps made with the cnc. Awsome rebuilt btw!

        The car was smashed, damage to the frame rails, rear of the 2nd sheet of metal of the floor, everything with rust... So now we are in decision thinking of taking one on a e30 but its kind of a long boring job. The car would go on the track (too mutch domage everywhere already) so there always the possibility of making a custum one.. I did not call bmw to hear a price for theses if it exists but don't think it will worth it.. The car canno't be a show car IMO.. unless you do like the thread you show up.

        low quality pic...


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          Well, if the car s in such bad condition, and considering it ss now valueless, it would be a much better solution to find a solid early e30 and graft all M3 components. If the bodyshop is asking you what to do, I suspect it is now way beyond their capacity. Not to mention that I would hate to see that wreck to be back on the market... ;-)


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            Actualy I didn't ask any bodyshop advice yet. I'm motivated to do it all myself. Most of the rust repair, except for the floor/frame are not major repairs. The only thing that I'm not sure is what choices I have left in front of me for a damaged frame (section under conductor side). I already send the shell on the table to pull it back straight.


            I'm considering the option of transplant what's still good on an e30 shell, but would strongly prefer to find a way to fix it on the actual shell since it's on a rotisserie. Cutting an existing floor/frame and jointing the frame to the older one is something conceptable? (If done right..)