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Machined crank ques

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  • Machined crank ques

    I have a s14 crank that has been machined to the first undersize (0.25mm). The shop said that hardening on BMW cranks is deeper than this and it does not need to be rehardened. Is this correct?

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    I am not an expert on this subject, but that is contrary to EVERYTHING I have heard.

    I would be leery about a shop that from the beginning is looking for corners to cut. I suspect they simply don't have the capability to re-harden the crank and come up with this BS so they don't lose the work.
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      I agree with Ironhead. When I rebuilt the engine on my '74 3.0 CS, I was told by a couple of BMW "experts" that all BMW cranks needed to be rehardened once you have them turned. Due to money issues, I went ahead and did it though. Unfortunately I sold the car shortly after that, so I can't say if there was any longevity issues with the engine. (The car is in a "collection" now and from what I understand it is a garage queen so it doesn't get many miles on it.)