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Hamann Motorsport demo car.

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  • Hamann Motorsport demo car.

    I'm trying to trace the history of my car and I am told it was originally purchased by Hamann Motorsport and used as a demonstrator in the 1990/91 Munich Motorshow. It was supposedly one of their first M3, modified to run with 17" alloys and 245/40 rear tyres? (The arch lip is slightly flared over stock). After 2 years, a Hamann employee bought the car and owned it for a further 7. At this point it was sold and shipped to a UK owner, in Bournemouth, then it went to Ireland. If anyone can help me trace the cars history I would really appreciate it. I'll post some recent pictures later today. I have emailed Hamann and am waiting on them checking their archive. Mark
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    Finally got some proof regarding the Hamann Motorsport connection.

    If anyone can help with more info please reply.


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      Good detective work it will only add to the value of our already great cars