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  • Wheel offset choice

    I am looking at 2 similar sets of type 5 wheels but they have different offsets.

    Can anyone tell me which is better for e30 m3 and why?

    Set 1: 17x7.5 41mm offset

    Set 2: 17x8 20mm offset

    Also, which would have the deeper lip on the rim?
    I sort of like not too much of a lip if one has a noticeable difference compared to the other.

    Like the evo 16in wheels have a narrow lip on the rim.

    Torn between type 5 oem bbs look and evo look. Car is red. So then I have to figure out centers. With evo rims you could go to black Cerotto look at some point for a change.

    Any opinions?

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    I prefer set 2 because I don't need any spacer, perfect fit.


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      not necessarily, proper offset alone doesn't guarantee that the wheel center will clear the front caliper

      need more info on the wheels to be sure
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        A lot of posters here already have the 17x8 type 5s with 20mm offset and it seems recommended tire is 235/40/17 for that setup.

        Wonder what tire would wrap the 17x7.5 41mm offset wheel...

        16in wheels evolution style (which look close to stock BBS 16inch or am I seeing things) would be nice. The spokes go out to the rim instead of stopping at the ring on the rim like the 15in stock bbs.

        I definitely want 16in or 17in but picking between is tough. Prefer the oem look. Dont want the wheels to swallow the car or make it look like there is only a tiny sliver of tire. 15s seem a little small, 16s pretty good, 17s good but gettting kind of large. I think 17s give the car a more aggressive look. In some ways more modern because wheels are larger now. 16s give the car a more clean look.

        Not sure how handling would be effected, ride comfort. Saw a couple of posts that said 17s were a little harsher ride due to lower profile tires.

        I wont be running on track much maybe just a couple of drving schools. Mostly street driving and out in the country / hills for the enjoyment of it. Coming from a background of older 2002s and a 81 euro 323i where the fun part is the road feel and the twisties.

        There are some amazing drives through North Carolina mountains that I will never forget. Bet there are even more places in the hills out west.


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          yes, but it's possible for a wheel to meet all the dimension specs including offset and have an interference between the wheel center and the front caliper, it depends on the thickness and curvature of the wheel center, just trying to make you aware of the possibility, it just depends what wheel you are talking about, you haven't provided any detailed info except for size and offset which isn't specific enough to say that it will fit without a doubt
          A friend will come bail you out of jail, but a TRUE friend will be sitting next to you in the jail cell saying, "Dude, that was focking awesome!"


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            about the wheels

            they are the type 5 bbs from an e39 i think 528i, 2 piece
            they are a basket weave pattern with the bolts around the edge
            they have a lip that some people polish, i like the lip unpolished myself.