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  • Testing main relay

    Ok, rewiring race car (see thread "power to ecu" for details). Since I have had no luck providing power to ecu, I am checking the functioning of my main relay. I pulled out relay and checked the pin that provides power to relay. I have verified with my voltmeter that it is receiving 12v. However the output of the relay (specifically the pin that goes to ecu) shows 0 volts. Is this normal? Oh yeah, this is with the ignition switch on.

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    check the OBC relay, this is the one that cuts off the fuel pump power supply when you enter a code to the OBC. It took me awhile to find out why my car wasnt starting at all, made my researched and some1 suggested to check that relay. so what i did was get the green wires coming and going from the relay, and connect them together, what you trying to do is bypassing the relay.


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      arvs1- you're suggesting I bypass the OBC relay? My OBC and its relay are already gone. I have connected green wire from c101 to ignition switch. Main Relay has power and is supposed to supply ECU with power. However the ecu is not getting power. I am wondering if my main relay is not working properly, how can I test?