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A/C compressor Question?

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  • A/C compressor Question?

    I actually like my A/C working on my car so I was pulling it out of storage and replacing the belts when I noticed the bracket that holds the compressor was loose once I took the belt off. I tried to tighten the two bolts but they were tight and appeared to be sitting on top of bushings. Does any one know if there is supposed to be any play in the bracket when the tension is loose or do I maybe have some worn out bushings. It was dark and hard to see where the bracket connects to the motor so I was having a hard time figuring out what was going on so any help would be appreciated.

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    No there shouldn't be any play in the assembly.
    Which 2 bolts are you talking about, the two at the top that allow for adjustment?


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      The brackets do break! Once sorted out, the compressor shouldn't move (with the belt tensioned) but the lower mounting plates have both broken on my car. The rubber bushes were all shot to hell as well.
      Scottish Cecotto


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        With my belt tentioned the mount and compressor don't movebut lose the mount does wiggle. I am talking about the two bolts at the top of the bracket that bolt it to the block not the two adjustment bolts. They appear to have a bushing underneath them and I think maybe they are worn out because the bolts appear to be bottomed out since I can't turn them any more and the bracket still wiggles a little.