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    Hello All, my name is Dino...i recently found this forum, and i'm very pleased that i did. There is lots of great info here and its still expanding. Anyhow, i own a 1990 U.S. Spec E30 M3 (AlpineWeiss II)
    . i bought my car last July from the original owner, who also owns an E28 M5, his brother has/had an E34 M5 and a E36 328 so the car is meticulous and well cared for.
    i am very pleased with the car, its given me nothing but smiles everytime i drive it(and an arse load of ppl asking me if i'm selling it). I dont use the car as a daily driver, but rather a weakend car...and hopefully soon a Track car. Besides a SuperSprint Cat-Back exhaust(i also have the OEM exhaust in the garage)...the Car is Bone Stock.
    Our Daily Driver(fiances car) is an E46 330Xi..which is great for camping/skiing trips, and we dont worry as much about parking it overnight on the street. once we can afford a 3rd car..we plan on buying an M Coupe. originally i had planned on a used E30 325iX(for a daily) and an M Coupe..but the lady wanted a new the M Coupe is postponed untill we can afford it.
    So thats my story, hopefully i'll get some pics up soon. Some of you guys here have gorgeous E30's.....oh..btw...i'm from NYC(Manhattan). :borg:

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    Welcome! Glad you found us.

    I too live in Manhattan, near Columbia University. Where are you located?

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      Welcome to the club!

      It's good to see another New Yorker


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        , Magnus..i'm from the Upper East Side, 80's. not too far from you. your E30 looks sweet. :cool: