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  • "Tour de Corse" Edition M3

    With all this recent activity about rally M3s, I remembered a post from RoadFly about a "commemorative edition" M3 that was sold in France (limited to 200 copies) .
    So I searched and found this info. The thread is linked below:

    "This limited edition was sold by BMW France at the end of 1987 to celebrate the notable 1987 Tour de Corse victory of Bernard Beguin’s Prodrive M3.

    Each had a numbered plaque signed by Beguin. Wheels were BBS 16 inch cross spokes with Michelin MXX 225/45 tyres(instead of Pirelli P600 or Uniroyal) as a nod to Michelin that had shod Beguin’s car. The car had leather and electric sunroof as standard.

    The car I have seen advertised had standard issue spoilers front and rear (i.e. not Evo I or II spoilers)"

    Anybody own one of these cars?

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    I never heard of it. That is good to know. Why do you think they closed the post? Roadfly is fucking backwards.:rolleyes:


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      Holy shit. Did you notice they close every post starting on the 3rd page
      going back? Here's page 3. If you select a thread then scan down you
      can see they're all locked.

      Markus do you know more about these cars?

      Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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        Before we get mad, this was something posted from well over a year ago. The topic might have just died out, due to lack of input. I think they might systematically roll their inactive threads into something that can be searched. I dunno. I will try to e-mail the guys in the thread to invite them over to

        I hope we hear from somebody who has one. It makes you think if there were any other quiry models offered that nobody heard of either.


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          This is interesting, someone out there must have a photo of one of these cars.


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            Well I posted the original reply on Roadfly as quoted above. I'll try and find an article with photograph from a French magazine about this special edition car and post it on here. You're only ever likely to see one in France but probably it'll only be a matter of time before one is imported into the UK.


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              Well if anyone is interested I've put some photos of this special edition car from an article in a french magazine in my Gallery, including an ad for one for sale. Now out of date (2-3 years) so don't bother calling.


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                In fact looking at the photos again I see the one in the magazine seems to have an Evo II front spoiler, but not the rear additional spoiler.

                To my eyes the colour appears to be Macau blue.


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                  evostorm, good stuff, if you look on page 60 of the magazine article I am sure the Tour de Corse car does not have an evoII front spoiler, I reckon the photo on page 61 is of an evo II, the article covers all models, nice find, thanks for sharing.


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                    On reflection I think I agree. The close up of the wheel definitely looks Evo II and in Macau so that would tally. As for the larger picture of the whole car maybe it's not Macau after all but black. I guess someone with an original will have to tell us.


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                      found one for sale in France at

                      BMW M3 EVO 1 TOUR DE CORSE Coupe
                      Price: 12500EUR

                      First registration: 12/1987
                      Mileage: 129.900km
                      Capacity: 2300 ccm
                      kW/HP: 147/200
                      Fuel type: Gasoline

                      Gearing type: manual
                      Body color: Black Metallic
                      Inspection: 5/2007

                      ABS, Alarm, Alloy wheels, Leather seats, Power steering, Radio/cassette, Sunroof

                      More information:
                      Evolution 1(505 exemplaires)Tour de corse n°32. n° chassis 2190542. Pont court 3.73 + pont origine3.25. Amortisseurs bilstein neufs. Silentblocs powerflex.


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                        There is a member on who owns one, I think
                        Ill see if i can find his post
                        1990 Sport Evolution
                        1995 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione


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                          Here is a thread with tons of Tour De Corse pictures:



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                            This the one?

                            1990 Sport Evolution
                            1995 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione


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                              that's the one yes, but it really was just an info to whom it may concern. I am not looking into buying one.