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Car won't start

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  • Car won't start

    After sitting for a few months I went to start the car today and it wouldn't start. I get this ratatatatat sound but that's it. It turned over a couple of times but now nothing. Any suggestions on how I can get it going?


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    I would say it is your battery. The trickle charger can't heal a bad battery. try cleaning the battery connections.

    What about cleaning the connections on the AFM plug?


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      I don't think it's the battery as I had the battery out of the car while it was stored. I also tried jump starting the car and nothing happened. Can anyone help me out?


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        I've killed 3 batteries in 3 years. I get the same exact symptoms, rat tat tat, lights work and other electrical things work, but the car doesn't start. I too refused to believe it was the battery.

        I do not believe it is fuel related at all, not the pumps or the filters being clogged, although you could always check...

        If it turned over for a short while (a minute) then died, I'd say it was your alternator or voltage regulator that died. The battery stores just enough juice to turn the car on a few times before the Altr can start to replenish the juice in the battery in tandem with powering the car.

        Or, It could just be your alternator or regulator If you drove all day and you had trouble starting the car up in a 1hour to a 2 week period, I would say it needs replacing. A fully flawless electrical system should have enough juice in it to start the car up in a 2-4 month period (it varies, some people get 5 months). But if your battery is on it's way-out and can't hold more than 75% of it's potential, it would "act like/seem" as thou the Alternator is going....

        Do you have a battery to switch out in the M? Can someone you know lend you one for a hot minute? Or just bring your battery to a shop and have it recharged then tested to see if it still holds full charge.

        If you get the car going, check to see if your getting the right amonut of volts from your altr. with a voltmeter.

        I hope it makes sense. My dyslexia is really awful tonight. :sosad:

        Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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          That make sense. If it was the battery wouldn't it start fine when I tried to jump start it?