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blown rear shock or worn spring?

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  • blown rear shock or worn spring?

    I just installed my new wheels, they are M parallels 13mm offset. and the tires im running on the rear are 245-40s. I have the stock suspension setup.

    The problem i noticed after installing them on the rear is the passenger side sits lower than the drivers side. The drivers side sits perfectly with plenty of room (almost 2'') and doesnt rub.

    The rear passengers side tire sits only about a 1/4 inch below the arch and rubs.

    My question is: do i have a blown shock or is the spring worn out? or is there something else that could cause this?


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    somebody please help a brother out :sosad:


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      Was your car this out of level before? It sounds like a broke spring if you have seriously different ride height. Jack up the passenger side and remove wheel. Inspect the spring that is directly behind wheel for breaks and look at the shock for leaks.
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        i have only had the car for a month, and it was on the stock 15s until today, i never noticed any unusual stance in the rear, and the suspension felt pretty tight.

        I think i may not have noticed because of the bigger space between the tire and fender with the 15s.

        2 inches was a little bit of an exageration its a little more than an inch of space on one side and the side that sags is about a 1/4 inch off the tire.

        Its not really out of whack but definatley not right

        Im gonna go take off the wheel and check her out right now.


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          There may very well be something wrong with your car, but here is a bit of food for thought, I recall the following from a previous post.

          A lower stance on the passenger side is normal. BMW designs these cars to ride level with a driver inside. Thus your weight in the driver's seat may likely place the car on equal ride heights. This is why most alignment shops can't do or poorly do alignments on bmws. BMW specifies that a certain about of weight be positioned in the car for a propper alignment. Thus they engineer for the average weight of the driver . My bet, have a friend sit in the car and see if that makes a difference.

          However, if your wheels are rubbing drastically on that do have a problem.
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            it's the same way on VW's.


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              ahh i see... this did cross my mind.

              I just checked the shocks and no leaks and springs look fine.

              the tires are pretty fat, they are 245-40-18s

              i had to take them off and install 225-35s on the front to avoid rub.

              i have 2 more 225-35s

              i wasnt planning on running my extra tires on the rear too, i wanted a little bit more meaty tire in the rear, will i have trouble with the 225-35s?

              I dont think anything is really wrong because the car felt really tight with the 15s.


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                because the springs look good don't mean they good could be they lost it's tension you have to measure from the ground to bumper on both sides this will tell how much it is sagging


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                  i just put the wheel back on and let the car off the jack, and had my friend sit in the drivers side and now both sides are same hight with no rub.

                  he got out and the side that was sagging before i removed the wheel wasnt sagging at all like it was before i jacked the car up and let it down. it doesnt rub now.

                  what is going on?


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                    Heres my conclusion: my suspension is original and needs to be replaced, and im a noob who should have not been so caught up in a good deal on some wheels and thought about the essentials.

                    The M parallels are going in the garage till i get some more money :sosad:

                    Sorry for noobing it up everyone



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                      that's a sweet conclusion. But honestly, sort the car out first. worry about mods later. Did you drive the car around a little bit after you jacked it up and put it down...maybe the suspension didn't settle after it was in the air. My car takes a few minutes of driving for the suspension to settle back down to normal position.


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                        it happend to my ignot self before,the spring was of the sttuber ( ruber piece at the bottom of the spring )your spring wasn't on it the first time.
                        hope this helps.


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                          You do realize that with your new bigger and heavier wheel tire combo and old stock suspension your car will handle worse. The extra mass of the wheel tire combo will also eat up rear wheel horse power.

                          18s are for looks on a mostly stock E30 M3 I hope that's all you were after.


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                            It is also possible that the rear spring pads are of different thicknesses following a trailing arm replacement.


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                              I drove around to test them out for about 20 minutes and it rubbed like a french whore.

                              Those wheels just look so damn sick on the e30 M3 and i got them for 600 with decent tires. it was hard to pass up the good deal.

                              I also planned on putting some sport shocks and springs but 18s would not allow this, so another predicament.

                              Im thinking about just selling them, and doing what is needed for now.

                              Thanks for the help and insight