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  • Interest in CF panels..

    Guys- a shop in my area is going to have my car for 8 weeks this summer taking molds of most of my body panels for CF production. As of now we're definitely doing a '92 DTM -style front bumper with E36 M3 LTW style splitter, rear bumper, decklid, vented hood. I know these parts will be popular, but i'm trying to talk with them about other panels, such as side skirts and a sunroof panel. My question is, how many of you would be interested in a CF sunroof panel and/or side skirts (possibly extended/lowered a bit over stock)? Let me know which parts (of the whole list) you'd be interested in and what pricing you would expect. Anything else anyone would like, interior parts possibly?
    Alex McHenry

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    How are the pieces going to be manufactured.

    Do they use Pre-preg CF. Is it reinforced w/ Kevlar? I imagine it is vacuum bagged, but is it autoclaved?

    If anyone makes a complete EVO III front spoiler kit and a very nice (OEM-rivaling) EVO III rear wing, i'd be all over it.

    I think tons of racers on the SIG would be very interested in a CF sunroof (all the E30 guys can use it too!). Getting rid of all that weight up high has got to do wonders.

    Alex, I want a CF dash and center console! if you can do that, I will give you mass props. I think I just nutt myself thinking about that!

    Keep us updated. Man, I really feel like putting a business plan together for a CF manufacturing facility. I think for US$5 million, you can have a very nice start up facility. I think timing and costs are reaching a point for CF to go mass production.

    hmmm, maybe nice high end CF furniture..... who knows.... One day

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      I'm interested in the following...

      front bumper 50%
      hood 85%
      doors 90%
      rear deck lid 85%
      rear bumper 50%

      Again, I'm also interested in fit, quality and structure.

      /// M3NTAL Kev


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        i guy around me can make pretty much any body panel or any part you want in carbon fiber as long as he has the mold to do it. so if anyone is in the new york area you can contact me or magnus about him.
        Old School


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          I will have to contact the shop, CDOC, about the actual manufacturing process as i'm unsure exactly how it is done. What i can tell you is this, one of the two owners, Chris, owns a completely track-prepped 996 Ruf R-GT, and they have created their own CF front bumper for 996 application. I saw this bumper in person when i visited their facility about a month ago, and the bumper was FLAWLESS. It weighed an astonishingly non-existant amount.. i mean like two pounds, and the fitment and finish/quality was impeccable. This bumper was OE quality (hell it was for a $200k+ Ruf Porsche) and i was totally shocked by the level of perfection.. i asked "who made the bumper?" (expecting to hear TechArt, Ruf, etc as a response) and was taken aback when she replied, "we did." So, again- i will talk to Chris later this week and give you guys details-- i'm going to push hard for the sunroof panel as well as an Evo III replica rear wing. Personally, i'm exicted about the front bumper/LTW splitter and vented hood! I'll keep you guys posted!
          Alex McHenry


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            Have you heard anything back from them yet? Are they going to do fenders as well?


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              I will be talking to them about fenders as well, but no i haven't talked with them yet. I plan on calling them tomorrow (Monday)
              Alex McHenry


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                that front bumper sounds sick! would the splitter be included? I'd be interested in all pieces listed. I'll be doing my own interior in CF, all non structural stuff though

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                  this thread is making me hard *drool*

                  i am "interested" in all of these things, but what i can afford is a different story. hopefully in 8 months things will change financially. the sunroof is probably the first thing id get, since my sunroof is the spot with the worst paint on it on my car, along with the sideskirts. then the rear wing, front bumper, fenders, rear bumper, in that order of when i would get them. i wish i was rich :( id do my whole car in CF given the chance.

                  looks better than it runs :/


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                    alex, i ripped my car apart today and the damage loks to be small. i might end up keeping it, so ill just buy CF front parts if i do. i am very interested in a front bumper and fenders (hopefully evoIII height). try to get us prices please.
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                      Alex...I would be very interested before my car goes into the paint shop. My two front fenders need to be replaced/worked on and if the price is reasonable vs. E3 fenders I am definantly down. If we were to do the front bumper, I would just like and exact mold of the factory one now if that is possible as well.




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                        Now that I have power, I want to loose weight!

                        Lets see a NICE hood, rear deck, F/R bumpers that are STOCK looking!

                        Why not do some DTM mirrors, rear wing, rear flap (big one) and front DTM extension?

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                        At least it's German


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                          I was unable to get in touch with the shop today, but tomorrow i'll try again.. Mike, by stock looking bumpers, do you mean as far as cut-outs go? I envision deleted license plate mounting, no side markers, and a lowered lip a la' '92 DTM style.
                          Alex McHenry


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                            I'd be interested in a C/F sunroof panel, as well as a C/F E3 front splitter.


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                              The E36 M3's suspension is much more advanced than the E30 M3's and is without question faster.. an autocross lends advantage to driver ability (or inability) and light weight.
                              Alex McHenry