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Strange clutch pedal problem.

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  • Strange clutch pedal problem.

    On the way to work this morning (about 5 minutes into my drive) the clutch pedal began to stiffen up. It was harder to push down then normal and I could feel an increased sense of friction (rubbing/grinding) in it's motion. The engagement point for the clutch also moved to within the last one to two inches of upward movement. Other people seem to have had a problem in which the clutch shows increased resistance and gets stuck somewhere in it's travel. In my case it comes back up without problems.

    Normally I would think it was the clutch master or slave cylinder, however yesterday I was under the dash pulling new speaker wire and I fear I may have unplugged something related to the clutch without knowing it. It just seems like a pretty big coincidence that the clutch would go out immediately after my futzing around down there.

    I searched the forum and found someone with what seems to be a similar problem, but the thread died after only 2 posts. See Thread Here

    Anyone experience this before? I hope it's a simple matter of reattaching something. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I think there is a helper spring down there that attaches to the pedal arm. maybe that came off?


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      Originally posted by Gunnymac
      I think there is a helper spring down there that attaches to the pedal arm. maybe that came off?
      That's got to be it. Or at least I sure hope that's it. I'll go out and take a look and report back. Thanks!


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        Tried to get in there and take a look at it. A tricky thing to do in the parking lot of my work, had my legs shot up onto the back of the seat lying upside down with my head under the dash, caught a few strange looks from people. Anyway, it seems that the spring has moved from a position like this:

        To this positon with force being applied in the direction of the arrow when the clutch is pushed in.

        Anyone have any experience re-mounting this thing. I couldn't tell how it was mounted from my angle. Wondering if I have to buy a new spring assembly or just reattach it. Thanks again.


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          Well I took the spring off, and tightened it up. Drove the car with the spring off and the clutch engagement position felt normal again.

          Looking at the location where the spring pushes up against the firewall all that seems to be holding it in place our two small slots with corresponding tabs on the springs end. Any tricks on how to get it back in there now? Or specific adjustments to make on it while I have it out?


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            Well I got the helper spring back in there and it feels slightly better as far as pedal movement goes.

            The clutch, however, is either not fully engaging or slipping. In 3rd gear around 4k if you get on the gas the RPM's fly up to redline and the car barley accelerates... Damn.

            So I'm right to assume that this issue has nothing to do with the helper spring, correct? Since it really doesn't effect the actual engagement / disengagement of the clutch, right?

            I got underneath the car and felt all around the slave cylinder, no fluid leaking. The brake fluid is also full. Did the clutch just take a dive? Anyone know some steps I should take to diagnose this?


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              sounds like master or slave....or both...same thign happened to me a few weeks ago.


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                Did you notice fluid loss though? I can't seem to see any signs of that.


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         sjust didnt work...and felt like the clutch was slipping in 3rd and 4th