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Air intake snorkel need improvement

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  • Air intake snorkel need improvement

    Having just bought my M3 last week I am now digging deep into the engine bay looking for stuff to tweek.
    I notice the air is drawn in via a cast snorkel which is curved and appears to suck from behind the front bumper bar. Can't see where the air actually manages to get to the intake of the snorkel.
    The parts CD that I have shows a picture of a snorkel which is straight looking in a forward direction.
    What do you guys have on your cars, straigh or curved?
    I'm thinking I might remove the cast tube and just connect a rubber hose from the air cleaner housing forward to the hole next to the radiator so at least there is some ram effect.

    Also can anyone point me to a link to a service or workshop manual on the internet?
    87 M3 Euro diamond black
    90 318is diamond black

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      This thread covers it.


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        there is not much of a ram air effect on m3s...