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Moseley motorsports carbon fiber airbox

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  • Moseley motorsports carbon fiber airbox

    Hello I purchased a secondhand unused carbon fiber airbox and filter holder. Tried installing today but had some issues. I'm definately going to have to remote mount my brake fluid reservoir, where can I get these pieces? Also, the throttle cables don't fit because of increase in runner length, Is a special bracket or something available? Final problem was air filter holder is very large and comes into serious contact with whatever that belt driven thing is to the bottom left of motor. Has anyone done this install and can you offer advice. Can't post pics yet but looks a lot like Jimmyp box on his racecar.

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    erik, gp. A cars didnt have power steering. atleast as far as I can recall.
    you probably have that huge early version air filter contraption which requires a
    MS airfilter...Im not sure you can still source that from motorsport, either way nobody
    really runs that anymore.

    if you do not find the parts you are looking for, we can deliver a throttle cable bracket.
    the relocation of brake fluid resevoir is easy: just order a 2002 resevoir and the
    2 90 degree elbow joints that you insert into the master cylinder. along with the grommets.

    if you have an early gr. A box, you probably also have to get spacers to get it aligned properly with
    the TBs.



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      T hanks a lot John, you really know your stuff! I'm thinking maybe I'm better off selling mine and getting the one you guys use from I don't think losing my power steering is a good idea for my street car. Or else I could just use the airbox and not use the air filter housing and just fab my own out of carbon fiber that would fit with the power steering pump. What do you think is the most cost effective?


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        well we have a 18 cm runner airbox e.g.

        or you could just get a snorkel and run that with your early style airbox.
        but it does not have a air filter. people either install a (home made) filter
        into the snorkel, or if you have no AC you can use something like I use, which
        is a air filter housing that sits inside the front bumper. however, if you have an AC condensor
        sitting in front of the radiator -- there wont be enough space. as it is you have to move
        the fan over ot the passenger side about 2 cm. not hard to do though.
        if you have an AC, then you cant use the airfilter like I have. there is also another intake
        that sucks air from the BMW kidney in the front.



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          John, would it be a bad thing to use what I've got but like you said make a snorkel out of carbon fiber that attaches on one end with ducting hose to airbox and on other end attaches next to radiator in the evo airbox area and just breathes through a filter there? Basically just like I have, but not so huge of a canister that it comes into contact with power steering pump. I do still enjoy my aircon!


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            Also John, are you saying that the snorkel is for sale seperately if I deceided to go that route?