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Cleaning Trottle Bodies

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  • Cleaning Trottle Bodies

    I'm in the middle of cleaning up and replacing allot of the external items on an S14 engine that will be going in my 1970 2002. I'm looking to clean up the aluminum surfaces of the throttle bodies. Is it okay to sand blast them or will it be impossible to clean all the sand out of them after words. I also my end up powder coating them. Any recommendations?
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    I am also very interested in this. Mine are nasty
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      Mr. Clean Magic erasers work well at getting dirt out of textured surfaces.

      I have tried it on the intake runners and it worked fairly well in a test spot.


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        got to your local Honda motorcycle dealership and get the Honds brand carb cleaner. It is by far the best carb cleaner out there. My friend tried mine on his 48IDA Webers and it worked great.


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          I bead blasted mine and they came out perfect. Use aluminum tape to protect all the internals and you'll be fine; you just need to be a little careful not to blast the tape directly for too long. It can handle a few passes, but it will eventually break through. If you do get some media in there it isnít too painful to clean it out. Just be extra extra careful with the pivot bearings. Getting grit out of those will be very hard. Here is a pic of my TB's after bead blasting and a fresh clear coat.

          Jake Larsen


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            simple green, tooth brush, a long afternoon of work.

            they look so sexy clean, i can't imagine what it was like to see this motor on the showroom in 1989.
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              Although one can use glass beads and etc. you do have to be very careful to get all the grit out of everywhere. I would recommend using "S-100" motorcycle cleaner and wash them in the sink with hot water. Failing that just use cold water outside. Use gloves since S-100 will take all the oil out of the skin on your hands....never mind how I know that...

              Dry thoroughly. If you use hot water they will dry OK by themselves, if not maybe some compressed air (use eye protection!)

              If you really want to use a sandblast type technology there are "soft" abrasives available from Eastwood.