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  • winshield wash cap

    Trying to freshen up the engine bay. So I am thinking of getting new fluid tanks (windshield washer and radiator)... Mine are fine just a little discolored from the ages...

    Anyone know where to get "clear" cap for the radiator?

    Parts site shows it NLA. And I have seen some using a black cap but trying to stay "stock looking".

    Could there a cap that size made for some other vehicle. some other BMW model? volkswagon? porsche? can you tell i am anal about this?

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    or some chemical or process to make the stock cap new looking again. hmmm.... somehow i doubt this is possible but tossing it in air anyway...


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      Offhand, Carl Nelson of La Jolla Independent, or go to Maximillian. I have that damn black cap and although it's a genuine BMW part it does not look right. I will check with the guys I mentioned above.

      Or, Vines Junkyard, they might have a good tank although probably they will want to sell the whole tank and not just the cap. Although their price is usually good enough that that will be OK.