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Mustang 19# Injectors DO they really work?

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  • Mustang 19# Injectors DO they really work?

    Anybody heard of this....they sure are the right price compared to ours!!

    Saw this post on Roadfly:
    I run the 19lb mustang injectors with a 2.5bar FPR and it runs perfectly. Was a little rich w/ the 3bar FPR.

    You can buy the 19lb injectors from these guys. It's where I got mine

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    Uhh, I'd stay far away from these injectors if I were you.

    The E30 M3 Motronic unit is meant to fire low impedance (peak and hold) type injectors. These have the advantage of firing quicker and having better response than the commonly available high impedance (saturation) type injectors.

    The reason every car maker uses saturation type injectors for most of their cars is that it is cheaper for the injectors as well as the control electronics. The low impedance injectors require a driver that is capable of more current than high impedance injectors.

    A low impedance capable box will drive a high impedance injector fine but not the other way around. The loss will be in response time from the injectors.

    Also since the motronic is turned at the factory for factory flow rated injectors, without reburning a new custom chip you could end up really rich or lean just by swapping injectors. If you have a fully programmable fuel injection computer then this makes no difference.

    I personally like the RC Engineering line of injectors. They come flowed ine different rates and are high quality denso/simmons injectors of the newer style stainless steel disc type injectors. Which means faster on off time allowing large injectors to idle a car well, and still have good flow at higher horsepower/rpms.

    There are companies that will clean/flow your original injectors to a like new state, and I would investigate this first before resorting to new injectors of a different brand/flow rate. Or you can just get the original bosch units still.

    Good Luck,