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Yahoo article on the e30 m3

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  • Yahoo article on the e30 m3

    Happen to stumble on this article this morning.

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    kind of funny to see the m3 next to al those super cars


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      Blows my mind that the Lambo changes hand for well over a million but then again it kind of makes sense since all these analog 12 cylinder cars from the 80's and early 90's are in the millions. Look at the crazy prices for the McLaren F1. Makes the Countach a bargain. A very few road cars can give you a taste of what it's like to drive a classic non-turbo F1 car.
      There'll be Spandex jackets one for everyone ...


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        Can someone please post a link to page 2. My ipad will not allow access for some reason, thanks

        E30 M3: Stripey: AW track car 88'
        E30 M3: AW NC: 2.3 with Pete McHenry head 88’
        E30 M3: AW NH: 2.5 VSR1 Built 88’
        E36 M3 PTG built LTW: Euro S50B30, 365 HP 95’
        E36 3/4/5 AW Daily
        Dodge GLHT 1985....Fast
        D90: Land Rover Defender, AW 33k miles 97’
        2002: Arctic Silver, Blue, restored stock 76’
        944: SP1 Rothman Clone, 135 hp, 83’
        Jeep Trackhawk, absurdity defined 18’
        BMW M2C AW, 6 speed


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          If the article is correct, I must say I have been horrendously out of touch with the "collector car" market.

          Over $100K for a Ferrari 308.....and over $1.5 mil for a Countach???? Does that sound correct to everyone?

          Personally I think the '80s Testarossa is among the ugliest, cheesiest Ferraris ever made. I guess that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't valuable though. They MUST be talking about the low-mileage nearly perfect cars that are the cream of the a $70K E30M3....but some of those numbers still sound high to me.

          I smell a market crash's certainly happened before.

          ***Edit*** I just perused Ebay....low mileage apparently pristine Countach ASKING (not necessarily getting) prices are in the $200-500K range. Ferrari 308s are getting bids in the $50-60K range....still more than I would have expected but nowhere near the numbers given in that article.
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            I think the prices they quote are bubble cars I know a 308 fiberglass sold for 125 at an auction recently and I still think our cars will hit 100k in 3years