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Z3 1.9 Steering rack conversion

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    I'm about to do this conversion on my track car. When I did my street car the motor was out which made it a breeze.

    Looking at my track car it appears that the rack won't come out of the subframe ears without either lowering the subframe or raising the motor. I'm not even sure the motor can be raised high enough. I'd rather not get into lowering the subframe if it cam be avoided.

    Can anyone recommend the best route to go? Or maybe it will slide out from the sides? I have a DTM oil pan if that makes a difference.


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      I'll be honest, when I did my Z4 rack I looked at it and ended up putting the rack in a box and waiting until the next time I had the engine out of the car.
      Lots of guys seem to be able to do the rack swap on R3V on regular E30s but I dont know the oil pan situation relative to the steering rack on M20s or the M/SX 4 valve engines.
      The S14 sump really has the rack boxed in there.
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        I had to lift the engine last time I was messing with mine. Obviously goes in fine without the motor, but you're right, there's not quite enough room. I think I got mine in and out with just raising the motor- with disconnecting the motor mounts for sure.
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          I tried lifting the motor but there's no way to get it hight enough to clear my DTM oil pan because of the location of the drain plug. My only options are to remove the pan, the motor, or the subframe. Dropping the oil pan is probably the least annoying. I did read one post where someone said that they bent the tabs down to get it to clear but I couldn't bring myself to do that.

          I decided to put it back together and wait until the next time the motor is out of the car. Or maybe at next oil change I'll be motivated enough to drop the pan.

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