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ABS light is always on

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  • ABS light is always on


    I have a problem with my 89 Cecotto. My ABS light won't go off. I've ohmed the sensors, and they check out fine. Also the light comes on before the car starts rolling, so the sensors are ok.
    I've taken out the control module under the dash to check the relay that is clipped on above the module, but it isn't there.. I've read that the later models haven't got that relay, but do they have other means of protecting the system in case of a electrical shock? Does the two relays on the unit behind the driver side headlights have fuses built into them, and is there a way to test if they are ok?

    Hoping you guys can help!

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    I had this issue with my car when I first got it. Does the ABS work? In my case, it didn't. There is a fuse that can burn out causing the ABS to not work at all. I think there might also be a resistor or diode on the cluster that can rattle lose that is on the right side of the cluster. (I think that was related to this issue. I can't remember.) I think there is a thread or two about this issue on here. Might take a little searching.

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      Here's a trouble shooting guide that might help you.