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Innovate LC-2 Wideband Install E30 M3

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  • Innovate LC-2 Wideband Install E30 M3

    All, For clarification on the ECU 02 sensor install, was pin 24 used as the input pin and any ECU ground?

    Please advise

    Thank you

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    I hope someone on this forum know what is the color code for the 02 sensor: green/white or Gray/green? I hate to pull back the black protector to identify which wire color is used.

    After some research, I think I found the answer:

    GY/GN is the AFM common

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      Check out the ETK:

      for an '88 the O2 sensor wiring is on page 1364-6 and looks like the O2 sensor input goes to pin 24 on the motronic connector and is a 1 mm2 (16 AWG) solid green wire.

      The wiring is shielded and the shield is grounded to pin 23 of the motronic.

      1988 M3
      2007 Lotus Exige S


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        Thank you. This helps a alot. I may just go ahead and install a second bung for my WB 02 sensor to not disrupt the original NB 02 setup.


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          Quick question for the gurus who installed a second bung on a 50/50 rally header system. Installation at the cross member or at the cross section where it hits the Cat? Appreciate the feedback.


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            Finally finished my additional 02 Bung install today and the LC-2 is working like a champ! Installed it on the X-pipe crossover. Now this project is considered closed. Also went with George Graves AFR gauge setup for the OEM look.


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              The LCD on the left is a Voltmeter and the LCD on the right is the AFR. It looks brighter than it looks (adjustable) and the colors appear to be different but it is not.