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Front bumper alignment

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  • Front bumper alignment


    Is there some way to adjust the alignment of the front bumper? I've had it of and checked both the plastic and steel mounts, and they look fine. The plastic tabs on the bumper that holds the mount in place doesn't seem to be out of place either.. But still it looks like its sagging at the rear towards the wheel-arc.

    Hope anyone can help. Adding a pic so you can see what I mean. And yes.. need new paint.. :/

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    Have you tried re-tightening the front bumper with it held in the proper position?


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      that and also the alignment blocks on the side, i had to play with mine and elongate some of the mounting holes to get it to tuck nice and tight..


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        What color is the car in the picture above?? also let me know if you have any luck fixing the bumper sag i have same problem


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          I'm also curious about this, my bumper is not damaged nor are the mounting brackets but yet the tow hook on the front left of the bumper seems to protrude from where those little covers go (next to the fog light holes). I will try adjusting the black plastic mounting hardware and see but other than that, I'm not sure what could be causing the tow hook to protrude like that.


          • L James
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            Your car may have been towed at some point in it's history and the hook may have shifted.

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          Take the bumper off, look at the metal guides/mounts that the plastic sliders go into on the left and right side of chassis - directly below the middle of the front part of the fender.
          The lower "guide" channel of that metal bracket is bent down/outward. Bend it up to correct the alignment to the fender.
          Chris L.

          Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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            Sometimes a few well placed taps on the metal guides are what is needed.