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Storing engine parts

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  • Storing engine parts

    Over the last couple of years i have been purchasing parts for my ground up 2.5lt build. The Crank, Cam Tray, Block (all new) and Head (rebuilt Stage 2, ready to bolt on) arrived 2 months ago and the new build will occur in about 2 years time.
    For the moment i have applied oil on the block (bores and top) and wrapped it in a couple of plastic bags. I open this once every 2 months and re apply oil. For the Crank, Cam Tray and Head i have done the same as the Block, however i have placed these in vacuum sealed bags. These items are stored standing up to hopefully avoid any warping.
    Has anyone else stored parts like this for a long time and if so what have you done to avoid any surface rust?


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    I bought a stock block that was stored for years, the inside of the cylinders walls is coated with a heavy thick grease, I would do the same thing to all the parts.


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      what type of grease did you use?

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    If you can stash them indoors in a place with climate control that keeps the ambient humidity down they'll probably be fine like that for a while. Temp swings + high humidity = condensation.

    All of that sounds like it would fit in a bedroom closet fine. Throw some desiccant bags in for some added margin.

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      Based on others, I bought LPS2 to store my engine components and placed them inside a bag. It's like a think tacky cosmoline.

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        I think we are making a bit more out of this than it really is...

        Coat them in a product like WD40....keep them somewhere dry....check them every 6 months or thereabouts. Job done.


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          Boeshield works well and is an easy cleanup.
          There'll be Spandex jackets one for everyone ...