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Cam question from novice

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  • Cam question from novice

    Please excuse my asking a question that has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find a definitive answer.

    My car is a 1990 215ps version and the engine is being stripped for a rebuild. I figured I would take the opportunity to free up some more power and was advised to use the stock 264 intake cam on the exhaust and use a Schrick 276 on the inlet side. Is this correct?

    If so, will there be any problems with the valves hitting the pistons?

    I am also looking to port the head and increase flow, as I already run Maxx Alpha N and DTM airbox. As a ballpark figure, what sort of power should I expect?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.


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    this is not an unheard of option.

    With regards valve-piston clearance, you should be OK providing your head hasn't been skimmed too much in the past. Your engine builder would be wise to check the clearance during a test build using the old head gasket (there is a thread in Engine and Drivetrain on PH). Some people adjust the cam timing to prevent contact. This is not ideal for power as the cams cant be timed at the best position. Ideally I would like to see 1.5mm clearance on intake side and 2.0mm clearance on the exhaust side with the cams timed at 102deg peak lift. There will be no need to set the cam timing less than 102deg for best power.

    WRT power, with the head work and cams timed optimally for peak power you could make 255bhp. with the cams timed for a wider spread of torque maybe 5-10hp less but with a better mid range.

    If you find plenty of clearance during the test build, you could choose a thinner (1.4mm vs 1.82mm) GrpA head gasket for a 0.5:1 increase in compression ratio.
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      Thanks Steve.


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        I have that cam combination in my car and the PV clearance was not an issue. I also have alpha n and an airbox installed like that for about 10 years, it made over 200rwhp on two different dynos and feels great driving around town. Lots of mid range torque with that setup compared to cams a touch more radical.