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What does a bad layshaft bearing sound like?

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  • What does a bad layshaft bearing sound like?

    Just picked up a track prepped M3 and was notified by the seller that the layshaft bearing needs to be addressed. Does anyone have a link to some audio so I can confirm? There is definitely some noise happening around the gearbox when the clutch is released (sound kind of like a small sphere being knocked around) but there're is an aftermarket clutch and lightened flywheel so I'm not sure what sound is what.


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    I will ask this, "how does the PO know the layshaft bearing needs to be addressed"?
    I say this only because the Getrag 265 is SO overspec'd for the E30M3 that I don't know if I have ever seen a post on any forum of one actually wearing out.

    Now guys have have rebuilt them for racing and track work but I don't think I have ever heard of anyone post that they wore out a 265.

    Many, many E30M3s sound like a handful of rocks shaken in a coffee can when they idle.
    I have heard many guys blame that on the TO bearing, or lightweight flywheels, or any number of things this is the first time I've ever heard it pointed to the layshaft.

    Has as the PO had the trans cracked open to confirm this diagnosis?
    jimmy p.
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      I have a freshly rebuilt 265...but I also have a lightweight clutch/flywheel. I would idle...that mine sounds much like yours.


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        What Jimmy and Ironhead said... if the noise goes away when you push the clutch pedal in, it's normal. When I bought mine new, it came with a ridiculously heavy gear oil in it. It was tough to engage first gear when it was cold but the trans was quiet in neutral with the clutch out. I complained about it being hard to engage first, so they put lightweight gear oil in. First was easy now, but the neutral noise started. I complained about the noise, so they put the heavy stuff back in, and the noise went away. They asked me to make a choice, so I chose the lightweight stuff.
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