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Stock vs Nology vs Magnecor?

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  • Stock vs Nology vs Magnecor?

    I going to be in the market for a new set of plug leads soon.
    So what are the advantages of the above non stock leads.
    I not expecting to gain bhp, but I've read about smoother running at idle, stuff like that.

    So any advice or should I just stick with the stock ones?
    The Nologys do look sweet though :cool:
    "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"

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    Nology's are controversial love/hate wires. I'm an Engineer and I hate hype, but use Nology's.

    I dynoed stock versus Magnecor and Nology. On my car (WHICH NEEDS MORE SPARK ADVANCE)the Ns won by a 1-2 ponies across many but not all RPMs. They tend to act like a small amount of additional spark advance was added. If your motor does not want that, you can lose power. My motor is using a JC chip set up for a lower duration cam, so the spark advance is a hair off. The Ns like nonresistor plugs, look nice and fit well. If you buy Magnecors, get them from Gustave as he has a fantastic loom and matching cut and terminated M wires.

    Subjectively the Ns felt snappier to me and the Ms felt smoother FWIW.



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      I don't really like the look of the Magnecor ones, there look kinda flimsy like you could pull ther lead out of the connector if your not careful, but I know that it's not all about how they look. I'm sure there fine.

      Sounds like you have spend a lot of money on wires Stan!!!

      I've got 284/276 cams and the car has been custom mapped as against an off the self chip. It sounds like there's not much in it.

      I would probably buy them in the US and import them as there a ridiculous price over here . About $400 a set:grr:
      Sound bit of a lottery though, you just have to take your chances.
      "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"


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        Us UK lot should have jumped on the Bimmerworld Group Buy for their plugs....

        Maybe we can get a GB going of our own for UK owners? Worth a thought/post maybe? I know with Magnecore you can buy direct from them so they may be interested?

        Just a thought...


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          >>>Sounds like you have spend a lot of money on wires Stan!!!<<<

          Not really...the car came with several sets of stock wires, I bought the Ns and G gave me the Ms for testing. The Ms don't have that nice of a "plug tube cap" on them.



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            I have had all the dame wires avaiable in my car over the years.

            1. STOCK ONES SUCK! I found out the EVO ones SUCK just as bad, but cost more and are red.
            2. nology wires are BEEFY and look nice under the Hood or Bonnet in your case. Stan is right, they like non resistor plugs and timing advace. In my car, they looked awesome, but didn't work all that great, they also sent out to much RF interfearace.

            3. Magnecor wires seamed to make my car start up better, seams smoother, and look really nice, Gustave's loom is sweet and factory looking! These are the BEST on MY car so far, and they are bigger over stock and seam to last a TON longer!

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            At least it's German


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              I am about to replace my 15 year old( 17,000 miles) stock wires for the Nology wires.I am also fitting Nology's Powercore amplifier.Has anyone fitted this to their cars and any differences?I have am e-mail
              from Nology confirming that the car works best with this combination, and eventhough they also sell the ignitiom coil,they do not recommend it for my car!!!


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                I know where probably just splitting hairs here as there's not going to be much in it.

                Not sure if I have resistor plugs or not, I've just got the stock 3 prong Bosch ones.

                As for timing advance, once again I'm not sure. I've got stock cam gears as I pretty sure there not vernier pulleys. I also assume there to Schricks setting or as near as they can get them. I not really wise in the ways of cam timing and how they set them up.
                The car was custom mapped on Bexleys dyno so it should be spot on for my car.
                "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"