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Installing Schrick 284/276.. Adj. cam gears needed?

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  • Installing Schrick 284/276.. Adj. cam gears needed?

    I'm going to be installing the 284/276 cams soon but need advice on dialing them in.. The motor is out of the car and I'm familiar with the procedure for the stock cams, but what will be different with the Schricks? What is the needed for using adjustable cam gears versus the stock cam gears? Any more info on the procedure installing them would be very helpful and much appreciated! I plan to tackle this myself...

    Are there any other places that sell good adjustable cam gears except Turner?

    Jeff J.
    1990 E30 M3

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    oh what fun you will have!

    Well where to start.

    You can get an adjustable cam gear from BMW for about $125 each. It is a slotted gear that works fine! DO NOT BUY THE TURNER gears as they are a nightmare to install because of the hardware they use to secure the two halves. NO room to get an allen wrench in the socket cap because they stick out right into the front of the cam tray.

    YOu can ssemble the engine w/ the stcok gears and check the lift spec w/ a dial indicator and degree wheel and see where the stock gears land. Most guys have found the stcok gears to be VERY close to spec.

    I do not have adjustable gears in mine and the engine runs very nicely. NOt perfect but nicely.

    Take your sweet time on this. Get a good degree wheel for the project. The bigger the diameter the better as accuracy will increae w/ size.

    hand turn the engine several times to be sure there is no interference w/ pistons.

    I would really recommend you take a pic of the engine at TDC #1 showing the relationship of the cam gears to the bearing cap indicators. Also mark the cam gear w/ permanent marker like a shrpie so you know exactly where the gear should be lined up when you mount it on the Schricks.

    BOL Eric


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      What, now I have to do a roll bar and cams? Sheesh!
      I'll never save up for that paint job.
      Sounds cool Jeff. Keep us posted on how it comes along.
      Speed, as Iíve said many times before, makes you cleverer.

      -Jeremy Clarkson


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        FWIW, Schrick themselves says adjustable cam
        gears are not absolutely necessary. But, if you
        are already timing them with dial guages, then
        another $100 per gear isnt too bad and then you can
        do it 100%.

        Like trackman says, these gears are MORE than fine.
        This is what BMW raced with! I use the same ones on my
        engine with motorsport race cams. You will note though,
        that with slotted gears, there is no centering pin anymore
        (would defeat the purpose).

        If you time this way, there is no sense in making marks
        on the gears really, other than give you a reference. From there,
        just get into the habit of always timing
        with dial guages and you will not go wrong. Besides turning the
        engine thru a few times, you can measure your clearance on the
        first intall, there are a couple of methods. with 284/276
        and stock or JE, wiseco pistons you will probably be in the
        3 mm area. You can also get a hold of a good endo-scope
        (ask your doctor friends) and look inside while turning over
        the crank. You will be interested in just after TDC on the intake
        and just before TDC on the exhaust. The piston dwells within
        1 mm of TDC for about +/- 11 crank deg. This is where you
        have to watch for the cam opening quicker than the piston
        is accelerating/decelerating and check for the closest point.



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          Thanks so much guys for the info. I have a degree wheel I plan to use if all goes well.

          Where can I get the BMW motorsport adjustable cam gears? Does anyone maybe have the part numbers?

          Also, where can I find Schricks specs for the 284/276 cams? Once #1 is at TDC do I rotate the intake and exhaust cams using the degree wheel to specified angles? Will there be any valve to piston clearance problems using these cams with larger Evo3 valves and stock pistons? I might have access to a endo-scope but I wont have a way to measure to see if the clearance is less than 1mm w/ the larger valves..

          Thanks again for the help!

          Will, You'd had best watch out at the next autox! hehe
          Mark W. will probably bump me up another class again.. :grr:
          Are you going June 14th?
          Jeff J.
          1990 E30 M3


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            I'd say you've already got me for now. I'm working on getting that Safety Devices roll-bar/cage right now. I found a guy selling one from his race car so its a good deal. That, and I'm getting new street tires today. I tried to get some more Falkens because I corded that last set at the auto-x last month, but apparently they're not making them in my size anymore, which I thought was nice. So I settled for some Kumho Ecsta MXs which I've heard good things about. I get them today, so I'll see how they do in the rain we're having.
            I'll be there the 14th. I'm also trying to get into a PCA DE at TWS the weekend before that. There are still spots for that DE, you should come if you can. Hopefully I can get the cage and strut bar on before that. We'll see.
            And now I find out you're doing cams. Where did you get them?
            I think I want to do something like that next. I can stay in class E for auto-x even with the cage and cams, hee hee.
            Right now I'm still really in D, but I planned these mods for this year so I've been running (and losing) in E.
            Good luck with the cams,
            Speed, as Iíve said many times before, makes you cleverer.

            -Jeremy Clarkson


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              the part number for both E and A is 1131 1 311 781.
              its not in the ETK, so dont bother. but BMW dealer
              can get it for you if you tell them it is a special
              order motorsport part.

              they are really no big deal to can
              slot your own. but if not comfortable with that, buy
              them new.

              the shrick specs are in the schrick catalogue as far
              as I can remember. go to the schrick site and download
              their pdf catalogue. they are also on Gustave Stroes site

              if you use the big valves with stock pistons you could
              check to make sure the diameter of the relief is greater
              than the valve diameter. Ive never checked that on stock
              pistons. with the schrick cams you should not have to
              cut the reliefs any deeper. there is enough clearance if
              you have the cams properly timed. remember this is a stock upgrade
              for street cars. its still fairly plug and play.
              still, always rotate the engine thru and good to measure the
              clearance. you should not take something for granted. if something
              can go wrong it usually will...

              if you start out by pointing the cams (45 deg. toward each other
              on each cam) on the 1. cyl, then you will be measuring
              at 4. cyl. or vice versa. make sure the dial guage pointer
              is parallel to the valve stem axis and that it touches the
              tappet wall and nowhere interference with the cam lobe.
              if the tappet rocks in the seat, you may see the guage
              go negative first some then positive, no big deal. if
              you timed the cam by setting max. lift instead of at TDC,
              then valve clearance and tappet rock would not effect your
              measurement. IIRC, the shricks are timed 106 deg. (but check
              this again) for maximum lift. now measure for the same lift
              at +/- 5 CR deg. until you get to the exact max. lift point.
              this is done because the valve dwells at max lift, and makes
              the measurement imprecise. same idea as when measuring TDC
              for a piston.



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                John do you have any experience with advancing or retarding these cams on a 2.3l?



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                  You can send yours out ,

                  EXHAUST CAM GEAR MODIFICATION Applied to your own cam gear, which can be returned the next day air for minimum down time. Cam gear U.S. M3, M5, M6 - $189

                  Frank Fahey Motorsports 858-693-1871

                  Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                    Does anyone know where I can get a Dial Indicator? I've looked just about everywhere but cant find one availabe online for a reasonable price. I have a degree wheel. Thanks
                    Jeff J.
                    1990 E30 M3


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                      See if you have a Grainger nearby they actually had the indicator and magnetic base in stock here where I live.