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    I have a build date of 03/87 and am missing the passenger side skirt.

    I notice the pre-87 cars have a p/n of 51711943482

    This number is superseded by 51711976058

    Does it matter which one I get? Are the mounting points/hardware different? Will the 058 work on an 03/87 car?

    Any leads on where to find whichever one works? NLA of course..


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    Looks like there was only ever one part number for for these ( cabriolets have a different number as they are different ) for all year production, which was superseded at some point, so believe any skirt from a saloon will fit regardless of year.
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      I personally don't know of any reproductions of these parts....there may be some but if so I am unaware of them. So if you need the part, your choices are to wait until BMW produces them again (which they will, just a matter of when) or find one used from someone. This is the sort of part that I would be VERY surprised if someplace had them lying around new. I think your best bet is just to contact a BMW dealer and inquire as to the status of those parts....if you haven't done so. A lot of the "NLA" information you get on the web is old/incorrect.

      As BMG said, the 057/8 part numbers were the latest available and I am sure will be the only ones to be produced from here on out. So they will either fit (probably) or you will have to find a way to make them fit.

      Sorry I cannot help more, but the parts situation for these cars is becoming difficult, more so than I personally ever really thought that it would.


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        There was a chap on here making carbon skirts. Not cheap though, and seemingly more for a high end race car build.
        There are various people selling fiberglass M3 body kits, the quality and fit usually being very poor though.
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          Hey thanks guys. Yes I figured worst case I could modify the latter part number if they ever produce them again. BMW bought out their old motorcycle factory to start producing parts for the "classics" again. Not sure what the status of that is or what is considered "classic".

          I did see a few options for carbon and glass versions from vendors like, and the thread mentioned by BMG. The issue with the glass version from a rep I spoke with from another company was; "The top fold back section is not on the glass version. It's moulded from the o/e item and should fit but will require some bonding agent to the top edge."

          So that sounds ghetto. I'm surprised one of those companies like ddm didn't make a plastic version for the e30 market, they sell TONS of the E36 bumpers/skirts. Maybe I should ask them to gauge interest.


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            Originally posted by Ironhead View Post
            So they will either fit (probably) or you will have to find a way to make them fit.
            Good point, I can fabricate if needed but was hoping the size/shape of the moulding is still the same. I assume they changed or beefed up the mounting locations? I was curious if anyone has seen an 87 next to an 88+ to verify.

            It's odd they say that the new part number is not reverse compatible to my part number...

            Click image for larger version

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              There are a number of fiberglass or carbon fiber replicas available. I have no knowledge of fit or finish quality, but they are out there, in Europe anyway.