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New owner...and couldn't be happier!!!

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  • New owner...and couldn't be happier!!!

    Good morning to all of my fellow E30 M3 enthusiasts. I just would like to say that I have been surfing the boards for a couple of weeks now, trying to get as much background information on the car as possible, and there is simply a wealth of knowledge on this particular board...I love it. I just picked up my pearl white 88 M3 one week ago so the novelty is fresh and distinguished from anything else previously owned. I cannot say enough about the car, it's such a joy to drive, pure adrenaline. I have driven numerous vehicles that I would class into the same grouping, but none have put a smile on my face quite like this car does. It's exilerating to say the least. I cannot imagine what another 75-100 horsepower on this chassis would feel like. :surprised

    Here is where your experience comes into play. My car has 150k on the engine, and 190k on the chassis and other components. Currently the modifications are a Conforti chip, Raven dtm exhaust, and Hawk pads. Suspension includes a set of Bilsteins and M Motorsport springs, mated to M3 bushing all excellent start in my opinion. I am looking for a few simple modifications, which ultimately will not disrupt the car's balance, and manner, but will give me an even larger grin when driving. I need new front rotors, and would love to tamper with the airbox in some form. I am interested in upgrading the front calipers, but know little about what 4-piston program will fit behind the stockers, and to what rotors they should be matched with. Price aswell?? I don't mind spending the extra money for better braking attributes, and ultimately, safety, but need to remain within the specs of my 15" rim. Any suggestions for either an upgraded caliper/rotor combo to fit within OE wheels, or just the calipers, or rotors alone? Aswell, I don't want to change the upper intake manifold to the carbon fibre box, as I think the gains are minimal, but I would love to have a more free-flowing intake. I have read numerous posts regarding "ditch the afm", but I'm not 100% sure what this entails, and what it needs to be replaced with...if anything. Suggestions on front brake packages for stock 15" rims, and upgrading the intake/afm removal would be more than appreciated, as I'm jumping into foreign ground, but absolutely love to know more and more. I'm salivating for knowledge on this gem.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my first, ridiculously long post...


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    Congrats on the purchase! I'm sure you'll have that grin from now on everytime you drive this car! Did you get this one from Florida?

    1989 E30 M3 Cabrio - Nogaro Sliver / Black - 1 of 786
    1990 E30 M3 - Sterling Silver / Black
    1991 E30 318is - Sterling / Black (Mtech II project)


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      Thanks LJ

      I live just outside of Toronto, Canada, which is where I purchased the car...a far cry away from florida. My grin gets bigger everytime I look at her, trust me.

      Btw, nice cabrio...what a classic-rare find!



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        get good tires. a set of amazing tires will do just what you want. If you have the money go for bfgoodrich gforce KDs. They are about 160 each for my size. If you arent nuts and could do with a tire almost as good for half the price, get something like the falken azeni.

        I dont think you need upgraded calipers. what hawk pads are in there? I have the hp+ and they have all the stopping power I would ever need(almost).

        Do a sparco strut bar. evosport has them for $96.

        Possibly get a set of larger wheels. I am happy with the KDs on my 15" basketweaves, but some people tell me how much better a low profile tire feels with this car. My sidewalls probably flex too much, with a 16 or 17 the feel would probably improve a bit. Just dont get wheels that are too heavy.

        I just got my car a few months ago. I have done the tires, sparco bar, hawk hp+ pads, and JC chip. I am very happy with the mods so far. I just got back from a weekend at the track, it is sooo sweet. On my list of things to do are a racing seat (probably recaro spg), roll bar, harness, brake cooling kit, short shift kit, momo wheel. I am doing the rollbar with the seat just to be safe. All of the mods planned should make the driving experience so much better. I can only imagine being strapped into the spg, getting gridded to do some laps.

        I am skipping the power mods now, because honestly, the car doesnt need them. power mods are for ego on the street. I might get the evo airbox when I order something from a place that has it, but otherwise it can wait. I have heard though that the evo box does help quite a bit. Once I get all of this set, I will think about getting a new EMS, ditching the AFM.


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          Thanks Bijan, I appreciate your reply.

          I don't need upgraded calipers, just weighing out all my options for braking. I think the hawk pads I have are hp+, like yours. They do bite well, don't get me wrong, but if I can find some nice 4-piston calipers that won't break the bank, then I might upgrade. Have you ever tried the Bridgestone S0-3's, Toyo T1-S's, or Michelin Pilot Sports? Everyone raves about the Falkens, and the BF's on our cars, but what about the tires that I mentioned above...has anyone tried those 3 in particular on their E30 M3? I would love to know the impressions they received, since those tires are supposed to be spectacular in the dry and wet. But I know that different tires are designed for different applications, so the Toyo, Mich, and Bridgestones might not be as good for our cars. Thanks for the tip on the Sparco bar, I am going to order one this week. As far as power is concerned, I'm very happy with the way it performs, but I would love to get some more involvement with the AFM, and what I should do with it. Like I said, I don't mind spending some money on a kit that will improve the performance of my vehicle...the EVO airbox has me intrigued, but I don't know enough about the intake system yet to be the judge of what I should do.



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            about the afm, look down the page a bit, there is a very long thread in this forum about engine management systems. I really appreciated all of the information.

            about the brakes, if you already have race pads and think you need something more, look at the turner brembo caliper kit. They have a set of front calipers that will work with stock rotors. its something like $700.

            what I might do is upgrade to the ate powerdiscs now, then get those better calipers later.

            for discs though, i dont really know what to look at. I have heard you dont want to goto a crossdrilled rotor because those are only for show. you dont want to have any less surface area on your rotors than necessary. some crossdrilled rotors crack easily. i think if you want a crossdrilled rotor, go with zimmerman. I myself am staying away from them though. I have heard good things about the ate powerdiscs though. If i upgrade it will be those that I get probably. They are expensive as hell.


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              the evo airbox looks to just replace the bottom half of the airbox. the part that its replaced with has an inlet in the front, and pulls air from up there. I think there might be another part of the kit that goes down further in the bumper.

              as for tires, i think the s03s pretty much suck. you know, i dont have experience with them, but have had friends with them, and have gotten that impression from these boards too. I can guarantee you the gforce KDs are the best street tires in the dry available. im not actually sure if the azenis are better than those though. I would think so, and also remember the azenis are probably much cheaper.

              .............Ill let someone else talk a little more about the tires.


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                Very cool! Congrats!

                There are many options available; Brembo, Turner Motorsports 4 piston, wildwood, move'it's, E36 M3 (needing custom brackets), tarox 4 pistons, tarox B6=6 piston,etc... Would yo ulike the very best, or just great? It depends what you're looking for...

                Here's a past Brake thread.

                You can replace the AFM by using a device like a MAF to detect mass air better than the AFM. Or, you can go with a system that uses throttle position and rpm's (Alpha "N") to calculate engine load. These need to be dyno tuned inorder to work correctly.

                Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                  Thanks Magnus. I read that thread...infact, I've read through almost every thread on the board thus far. I just cannot get enough info. As for brakes, the E36 upgrade is out because I am running with the stock 15's. I figure my choices for upgrading brakes within the 15" rims are: Upgrade calipers to a 4-piston unit(TMS), upgrade rotors to a 12" or so that will still clear, or just leave everything alone. At least I don't have an over-abundance of choices, unlike people running 16's and larger diameter wheels.

                  What would a MAF meter cost, say compared to the "alpha n" setup? Again, I do not mind spending time dyno-tuning, and investing some money into a great setup, I just want to be sure that the setup I choose is right for me, and my car.

                  Thanks again for the warm welcome everyone!



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                    We are looking to estimate the engine load in order to calculate the amount of fuel to inject and timing required to maximize engine performance.

                    On past discussions on other boards, the idea of a MAF type devices is said to be slow. Although still faster than the AFM. TPS (Throttle position sensor) devices are your best bet interms of performance gains, but some can lack needed features such as barimetric pressure sensors, humidity and temperature sensors that can have you caught in a bad situation. Although some TPS devices are very feature rich and can even give you you traction control.

                    I say First, Join the SIG if you haven't. There are archives there that will blow your mind for years to come. Believe me, you want to really research this before you unrubberband your wallet. The most imporatant thing you want to keep in mind is Fuel Starvation. You never want your car running lean.

                    As an EastCoaster, there aren't many if any places up North that can tune it for you. (Someone name one and don't lie. STan doesn't count since he doesn't do it as a professional hired service to all. Everyone needs a Stan! ) Anyway, FYI: Don fields doesn't install/tune the system... But you're in Ca, so you should have no problem locating a shop.

                    Here's a few more Companies to search for ; Motec, DTA (UK), Haltech, Autronic, Wolf......

                    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                      hehe Magnus he's in Canada. You know that huge ass country right above you.

                      Grant I would recommend two sites for you. One is a shameless plug for my site where you'll find tons of articles to keep you occupied for some time. see my sig for the link. The other is the E30 M3 SIG. This is an email list that is a huge wealth of info for an E30 M3 owner. The archives alone are worth the $12.00 Here is the link for the SIG.

                      Congrats on your car! Did you buy it in Canada?



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                        Motoyen, I you reffering to another thread? I know he's in CAnada. Maybe you meant the 195hp / 215hp UK thread. :huh:

                        Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                          Originally posted by Magnus
                          But you're in Ca, so you should have no problem locating a shop.......
                          Oh I thought you were saying that Grant was in California.


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                            Congrats on your car! Did you buy it in Canada?
                            Maybe you should read the thread before you post..........
                            I live just outside of Toronto, Canada, which is where I purchased the car...a far cry away from florida. My grin gets bigger everytime I look at her, trust me.
                            j/k motoyen. BTW I love you site! Nice job on it.

                            "Unlike the latter day E36 and E46 M3's, the
                            original E30 M3ís main purpose in life was to
                            win races on the track, not the street. It
                            got the job done."


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                              LMAO! Oh I got it. Read forums first then drink beer not the other way around.