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Good Hillcimb result this weekend!!!!!!!!!

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  • Good Hillcimb result this weekend!!!!!!!!!

    I've got ahuge grin. I got a second in class on Saturday and again today at the local hillcimb.

    And I beat the 2004 British Ladies rally champion Lorna Smith!! She's a club member and her folks are both heavily involved in the club and our hillcimb at Fintray. She's just back from New Zealand and got a late entry. She was driving her mum's Scooby turbo estate and not her rally car, but it was still good to beat a couple of Scooby Turbos (one of them the RA version).

    The IE anti roll bars obviously help - the car is a lot more planted and turn-in is improved, without upsetting the balance.

    My best time was only a second slower than the winning Scooby RA (on a 35 second run). I'm not too upset at being beaten by a 250hp 4WD car - I finished top 2 wheel drive car (in class) which is what I try and aim for.

    The fastest Caterham/Westfield cars were doing 32 to 33 seconds, and the modified sallons on slicks (400hp Scooby and Cossie) were also doing 32's so I'm quite pleased.

    Mine is the only fully kitted out road car - all the others have stripped interiors and lightweight race seats and cages).

    As I've done all five events, I'm currently leading the class championship! (Not that it'll last long)
    Scottish Cecotto

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    i guess congrats are in order!!


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      Good stuff Steve, nice to hear you are seeing off some of the 4WD brigade, better than your fellow Scot is fairing up with the GWR V10 if you know what I mean, oops starting to drift off topic.

      Any photos?



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        Nice driving, its always fun to beat the scoobys.:cool:
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          Have you taken any in-car video? I bet Magnus would host it here for you. That would be cool like boobies.


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            Hopefully some photos to follow (loads of folk were taking pictures so I should get some emailed through). No in car video - I've got to try and figure out some sort of bracketry to mount a camera - any ideas? With all the interior in place, and no roll cage, there isn't really anywhere to mount a camera inside.

            Graeme's Predator (The GWR V10) wasn't there. H e was planning on running it but he's still having problems with the gearbox electronics matching up to the engine ECU. He should have all the bits and is expecting to be testing again later this week.

            I've had a good look round the car in his workshop and it is stunning - (and I fit very nicely in it as well!). This Ex Formula 1 stuff is seriuosly hi-tech and despite the clever folk helping him, he's still had problems.
            Scottish Cecotto


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              sweet. not bad for 20 yo technology.


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                Congrats Steve!!! Well done!
                This what most people don't realise (or don't admit?),
                if your balls aren't big enough no turbo or 4WD will turn you in a winner!

                Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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                  Wow very impressive. Keep us updated on the rest of the season.
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                    What suspension set-up are you using?


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                      Good work fella.

                      Steve I have a link somewhere for a camera mount that goes between the headrests, i'll try and find it.


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                        Itīs always nice to here such a good MMM news.
                        Hope could also compete 4x4 after my 260HP project will be finished.
                        Of course itīs very much about driver, so need more power to balance the driving skills -


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                          I've got Eibach springs, Bilstein dampers, factory offset top mounts, IE sway bars, E46 rear top mounts.

                          Running Toyo R888 R compound tyres. Otherwise a standard 220hp Cecotto.

                          Toby - that would be great - even if it's just the idea - I'm sure I can fabricate something given some ideas. I would ideally like to set the camera so I can see the rev counter as that's a great help in annalising the run.
                          Scottish Cecotto


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                            Steve, aren't Cecotto's 215bhp?
                            Probably a bit far from you , but have you ever done Shelsley Walsh?


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                              Originally posted by evostorm
                              Steve, aren't Cecotto's 215bhp?
                              Probably a bit far from you , but have you ever done Shelsley Walsh?
                              Your correct, but Steve has had his mapped by bexleys so probably now 220 hp

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