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  • E30 M3 Picture Game

    Saw this game on a motorcycle forum I am on and I thought that we should do it too.

    Objective: Take a picture of your car with the criteria of the previous post. List another challenge after the picture.

    Challenge: Your E30 M3 at Laguna Seca.

    Next Challenge: Your E30 M3 at a Shell Gas Station.

    Please post only if you have completed the challenge.
    Thanks for playing

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    Nice idea, I'll play!

    From the 24 hours when I had the 17s at stock ride height (eek).

    Next challenge: your M3 with exactly two other E30 M3s.
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      This is a hard one cause most E30 M3s have gone into hiding!
      Cheating a bit because all 3 are mine

      Next Challenge: Your M3 in a parking lot.
      This should be a lot easier to do


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        Touche, not cheating more thinking outside the box. This is going to be a fun game.


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          Great idea this!

          Shortly after I got her... not the wife!

          Here is the next one: your M3 in the wet....


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            Just in from the wet...hope that counts.

            Next: All four wheels off the ground, on jack stands.


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              Next: Your M3 with a scenic ocean back ground.


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                  Great idea!

                  I have a lot of these, but here are the most recent

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	FullSizeRender.jpg
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                  Next Challenge: Your E30 M3 on the highway


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                    Your m3 the snow


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                      Originally posted by Todd black 88 View Post
                      Your m3 the snow

                      Next up... your M3 with the engine out!
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                        I got this one...."kinda".....

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                          What's the next challenge?

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                        Originally posted by Todd black 88 View Post
                        Your m3 the snow
                        I cheated and used an earlier request :P

                        How about an M3 after a fender bender next?
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                          Because no one wants this to happen and "Your M3" wasnt in the challenge:

                          Next Up:
                          Your M3 at your work lot


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                            Sorry, I messed up the order. My pic didn't post correctly at first , so I won't post a next.
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