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Trying to find whoever owns my old 88 m3 (recently found photos/docs)

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  • Trying to find whoever owns my old 88 m3 (recently found photos/docs)

    This is for an 88 Diamantschwarz - build date was 1987-03-23. Vin is wbsak0305j2195117.

    I was young and stupid when I sold it, though I had to at the time. I believe the owner I sold it to was in Georgia, I lived in Northern Virginia. It had 84k miles on it. I can't find the emails about the sale.

    The reason I'm posting is because I recently found a CD with all sorts of info on the engine rebuild that took place right before I bought it, the owner before me was Brian Lee.

    Anyways, if anyone just so happens to be the owner let me know and I'll send over all the documents/photos I have.

    Here are photos of the car right before it was sold:


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    Actually, that guy's first name is Blair. I hear his handle on is Jetfire.

    It's been a while since I sold you that car...if I recall correctly, I somehow got in touch with the guy who bought it from you. I think I sent him a copy of those photos and documents.

    LOL, every once in a while I'll Google this car's VIN just to see if I can track down its current location. This is the first significant "hit" I've had in a while.


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      Haha wow, I am just about the worst replied ever. Just wanted to say thanks again for selling me that car when I was a young idiot. I of course regret selling it - you did a hell of a job on it though. Would love to buy it back from whoever owns it now though.


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        I'm still mad at myself for not buying this car.
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          I still look around once in a while to see if anything pops up. I guess I haven't done that here since before April of 2021. LOL