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Does anyone have any shim under bucket brand reviews?

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  • Does anyone have any shim under bucket brand reviews?

    Supertech, VAC, Schrick, or other brands please share the good and the bad. I'm interested in something that is suitable for a daily driver.

    Thanks for the help,
    1988 M3 zinnoberrot/schwarz

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    I've had products from all three. Just in the visual quality of what I've had (holding the parts in my hands and looking at them,) I would rank them in this order: Schrick (best), Arrow, then Supertech. When I bought the VAC shim under buckets, they were Arrow products. VAC used to be their importer for BMW parts in the US (what Arrow told me). Either way, a shim under bucket setup is overkill for a daily driver unless you are running some wild cams. They are also much more labor intensive to adjust than shim over buck setups.


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      I had Arrow in my last engine....Supertech in my current one. I would rate the quality of the buckets about equal...I can't really come up with anything to fault with either one.

      My gripe with the Arrow setup was trying to get shims. VAC did not stock all sizes, and would custom grind what was ordered. This resulted in delays and they never seemed to be exactly the size I requested. I finally solved that by grinding them myself.

      Supertech stocks all sizes and ships same day. They use a different design....the shim is just a small disk of metal that fits into a female recess in the bottom of the bucket. It works great and is a nice "minimalist" design....although functionally no better than the Arrow setup.

      I agree shim-unders are not "necessary" on most engines...including mine. But the stock setup seems so clunky and needlessly heavy....objectionable to my "inner nerd".


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        I've done 20k miles on my Arrows without issue.
        Sport Evo No.47

        My Sport Evo Restoration


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          I get mine from the UK, for less than $3.00 ea, I'm here in the USA


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            Thanks for the help eveybody
            1988 M3 zinnoberrot/schwarz