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Anybody have a huge problem with aluminum flywheels for street use?

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  • Anybody have a huge problem with aluminum flywheels for street use?

    I'm considering installing a JB Racing aluminum flywheel for street use. Is the e30 M3 with a stock S14 a good candidate?
    1988 M3 zinnoberrot/schwarz

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    The plus...more instant engine response...both accelerating and decelerating.

    The downside....more noise from the transmission at idle.... Theoretically the idle should be slightly rougher too...but I have never been able to detect that.

    Given the nature of the E30M3 it should have come from the factory with a lightweight flywheel IMHO.


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      I have them in both my street cars (and lighter ones in the race cars), wouldn't have an S14 without it.
      I also have one in my M44 318Ti, HUGE improvement in that application, bigger impact than the S14.
      jimmy p.
      87 E30 M3 Prodrive British Touring Car
      88 E30 M3 Zinnoberot - Street
      88 E30 M3 Lachsilber - Race (#98 SCCA SPU)
      92 E30 M Technic Cabrio - S14 POWERED!
      98 318Ti M44, Base - Morea Green
      04 Ford F350 - V10


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        I also have it in both my street and track m3, probably my favorite mod in the street car, made a huge difference in the motor spinning up, I have no side effects aside from trans noise at idle. Been in the car since 2003


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          never had an issue with mine. Love it. the rattling was there with the stock flywheel too.


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            Thanks for the great input everyone; it looks like I'll be getting one of those aluminum flywheels
            1988 M3 zinnoberrot/schwarz


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              Do it! you will be glad you did. Revmatch like a BOSS.
              88M3 henna

              97 540\6-Gone
              2008 MINI Clubman S