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What water pump should I purchase?

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  • What water pump should I purchase?

    OEM, Laso?
    did they ever upgrade these pump so you don't have to change them every 60k?
    I am doing the R134 a/c conversion, so I thought I might as well do the water pump.


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    There was a time when the Laso water pumps were so bad you'd be lucky if you got 2k miles out of them. I don't know if it was a problem with a particular batch or they are all that poorly made, but after having a track weekend ruined because a brand new Laso pump failed I've avoided them.
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    • #3 LASO pump failed almost Mick said...I think it was less than 2K miles. Admittedly, that was around 2002...but I would never try another one.

      The problem with substandard parts: You buy a little money...they fail...then you typically pay the full price for the OEM replacement in addition to what you spent on the cheaper alternative...and you have to also deal with the PITA and expense of another installation. I hate working on the cooling system because I have never found a way to drain the coolant without making a godawful mess....

      The E30M3 was a fairly temperamental car when new....they are now pushing 30 years old. I personally would like peace of mind with the car wherever I can get it, and a LASO water pump would not be conducive to that goal. The OEM ones are reliable and proven.

      Are the LASO pumps better now? Who knows? I am not going to find out.
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        The ~$200 you save buying a LASO pump doesn't go very far if it fails and the engine overheats...


        Chris L.

        Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"