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  • Overheating issue

    Hi all!!

    Newbie here, but not new to E30's. Having recently recommissioned my 320IS I am having a over heating issue. I drove the car on the weekend, and it didn't miss a beat for around 30miles. The temperature gauge sat on half way, as it should and all was fine. I arrived at a show and sat in a queue for around 30 minutes and I had to keep turning the car off, and the temperature gauge went up to 3/4. The oil temperature was sitting around 90, but the fan wasn't cutting in. Am I right in thinking the fan switch is 91/99 so it should have been cutting in? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, Noah_E30,
    There is a clutch that the fan blades are mounted to that should keep the temperature from going up without either electric fan. It must not be working.


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      Have you removed your mechanical fan? The electric fan should be kicking on. I would try jumping the wires at the thermostat plug to be sure the wiring and fan is working. If it is, it could be your temp sensor, but that's less likely. I had what I thought was an intermittent cooling issue years ago and found that it was the ground nut on the back of the cluster at the temp needle area. I had fixed it once, and it would warm up as expected, then shoot to 3/4 when warm sometimes, and into the red when stopped. Because it was acting "normal" as in hotter when stopped, I didn't think it was the ground nut again. After changing the thermostat twice and checking/rechecking the fan... yup, the ground nut again.
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        Thanks Larry, I'll have a look at the clutch on the weekend and see if there is anything wrong with it.

        Alpine Runner, the electric fan is working as it did cut in at once point. I had driven home and as I moved it into the garage the fan started. But whilst it was sat there with the ignition on, gauge in the red, it didn't. From the sounds of things it could be the ground but because mine is acting the same way yours did. Is there a simple way of accessing the back of the gauge without having to pull the dash out? Thanks


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          There have been various cases with loose screws attaching the temp gauge in to the cluster causing higher indicated temp, remove the cluster and give everything a good check over first.

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