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Any short shifter available with stock length above the console?

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  • Any short shifter available with stock length above the console?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Best regards,
    1988 M3 zinnoberrot/schwarz

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    I think the UUC E3 kit is same height by default, but also adjustable. I have it, but find it too notchy, however.


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      I've had the Rogue Engineering on my car since about 2002. No complaints. Maybe a touch shorter than stock but easy to shift and has been easy to maintain as well. I'd buy another one, plus one of the owners of the company is a long time e30 m3 guy -- so you're buying from another enthusiast!


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        I have stock in my red M3, UUC in my Cabrio (M3 drivetrain), and DTM shifter in the Gruppe A car.
        I have to say I hate the UUC shifter, so much so I want to take it out of my cabrio. Its way too notchy.
        I think i would prefer stock over the UUC.

        Going forward If I were to alter any shifters in my cars if I couldn't (or wouldn't) do body mounted / DTM / Bimmerworld / AKG style I would just stay stock.

        I have not tried any of the mix and match shifter handles from other BMW models. Lots of people like some of those but I'd have to have one that kept the knob at minimum of stock height.
        I don't like anything that lowers the knob below stock height.
        jimmy p.
        87 E30 M3 Prodrive British Touring Car
        88 E30 M3 Zinnoberot - Street
        88 E30 M3 Lachsilber - Race (#98 SCCA SPU)
        92 E30 M Technic Cabrio - S14 POWERED!
        98 318Ti M44, Base - Morea Green
        04 Ford F350 - V10


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          Thanks for the help everybody; I think I'll go with the Rogue Octane short shifter kit from BimmerWorld; it looks like a pretty sweet kit
          1988 M3 zinnoberrot/schwarz


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            1990 m3, it looks like a very well built kit. Does the shifter buzz go away/get better than stock? I don't mind the stock shift length but the buzz in third is crazy at 4500-5500.


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              I havenít had bad buzzing in 10+ years since the rogue kit was installed. I have also replaced the joint (piece with foam in it) where the selector rod meets the transmission and itís been good. That piece and a worn out plastic cup in your shift carrier are generally the cause of vibration in my experience. Also, most people donít realize that the shift knob is a one time Install, if itís been taken on and off a few times it sits looser on the shift fever and buzzes too. Iíve wrapped the top of my shift lever with electrical tape before pressing on the shift knob and that reduced buzzing significantly.


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                I found the X5 shifter to be about perfect as it was as tall as stock, reduced throw, and medium notchy. You will need a vise to bend it slightly though.