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  • Best Upholdtery Shop M3 Seats

    Who are the best upholstery shops for M3 seats? I would like get my seat redone and all components looking like new.

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    Where are you located?

    Justin - Euro Interiors ? (forgot company name) - Bedford NY
    Sean - Mitsiwa Auto Custom/ Kimlee designs - Deer Park, NY



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      I've seen Justin work, excellent but you better have extremely deep pocket, over 5K for front and rear seats


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        Not knowing where you're located puts a damper on things.

        For purchasing and having it installed:

        Gahh leather makes kits that are of OEM Quality:

        Kevin Chin in Georgia makes kits that can be custom made to your specs. His quality is good per forums, but the work is done slowly. Be prepared to wait. This maybe due to demand or he works slowly.

        If you're local - NY / NJ / CT

        If you're in the NY/NJ/CT area, I will echo the above mentioned names. I had my interiors done by Justin at Euro Interiors. His work is excellent and OEM quality. He made me a Sport Evolution Replica interior that rivals the original. It does help that he has the cut pattern from one though. ;-)

        Sean at Mitsiwa does some nice work as well. I've seen Andy's interior and it is beautiful.

        I will alert you to be careful whom you choose and examine the work that they do, before committing. There are replica interiors that are being sold for what seems to be reasonable money, but the quality of the leather and the bunching of the leather on the hardware makes it wasted money. Unfortunately, you may get what you pay for.

        Best of luck with getting this done and shop carefully.
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          Thank you for your responses. I live in WI. I am in the midst of restoring two vintage Porsches as well right now and there really is no one near that I know of that I would be confident in to do this upholstery work. I have shipped one of the interiors to Autos International a Porsche centric shop in CA. so shipping a set of BMW M3 sport seats off to get done will not be a concern. As noted above having specific experience and the actual patterns produces better results. I really have no interest in attempting to save a few bucks and end up with less then awesome results. Sharing your personal experiences with the vendors mentioned is of great value. Thank you very much for this. Itís nice to know what your getting into regarding quality, price and turnaround time. What's the old saying ....Quality, price and time, you canít have all three, so which two do you want?


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            Redan in CT is phenomenal and very, very reasonably priced considering the work that they perform.


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              Robert Budd...does excellent work


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                I think I'm going GAHH leather with Redan doing the work.

                Redan commented that GAHH is very high quality.


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                  Please post photos of the GAHH upholstery when you get it so that we can all take a look...!!


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                    Originally posted by Kevin///m3 View Post
                    I think I'm going GAHH leather with Redan doing the work.

                    Redan commented that GAHH is very high quality.
                    That is what I did and I was not disappointed!