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E30 M3 a car for newbie?

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  • E30 M3 a car for newbie?

    Is this a car for a newbie? y?:rolleyes:

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    If you have the money and can spend the effort to keep them up, by all means. I am 18. It is THE perfect car for me. Incredible track car (what I am interested in), not too powerful (although I have car control skills now), original style(gotta stay different), has introduced me to the mechanics of a car(fucker always breaks, jk, not that bad).

    I have the cash flow, but sometimes Im not sure its still worth it. Uo at the track lastweekend an ITR owner and myself compared the two cars. They were very similar in every aspect. If I could settle for FWD, he is selling his car and only asking $16k. Thats more than I payed for my car, but including upkeep....... Basically I have spent almost $1.5k in the past 3 months, and that is for what I consider to be a very good example. Only intake gasket, a small oil leak, waterpump, fluid flushes, and distributor rotor have been done so far. Considering having the intake gasket replaced by a shop alone cost about a grand, if you can do work yourself you will save a lot. I have done the rest, and it hasnt even totaled $500.

    Make sure you buy the car for the right reasons, and you should enjoy the journey. Just make sure you dont buy someone elses problem, have it checked out thoroughly by a shop that knows e30s.


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      Actually, my mind is all set! But its hard to get a hold of one up north.


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        I'm not too sure about that. I got my car when I was 19, and the car's performance was really over my head. I got in to a pretty bad accident, and I'm still paying it off over 3 years later. If you're a good driver, experienced at rear wheel drive and have driven at the track, go for it.


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          I will say no because if you don't know enough about the car and it's tendancies then it will cost you a fortune to keep up. Luckily, sites like this are around to share information so I suggest you run a few searches and note some of the common problems. If you feel you have no choice but to bring the car to the dealer then you'll be in trouble. The previous owner of my car had the DME fail and paid $1000+ 2hours labor! they also troubleshot a problem wrong which resulted in new pads/rotors all the way around without solving the problem which was a loose elbow fitting for the brake booster, etc etc. Bad for them but good for me since I got new brakes with the car. So it definately pays to do your homework and know what you're dealing with.

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            On the other hand... I've had my '88 w/ 120K miles for about six months and love it. I don't track the car, and honestly only drive it on weekends. Call me lucky, but the only mechanical issues I've had was the driver side windows motor, which I got off of eBay for $50 and installed myself. I guess it all depends on how your going to be driving the car, and more importantly, how the previous owner drove the car.


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              Re: true...

              Originally posted by jerjer
              Actually, my mind is all set! But its hard to get a hold of one up north.
              My car is forsale, and I will be more than happy to drive it up to you anytime. You name it.



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                Thanks for all the advices & opinions. So far the car doesn’t seem to have any major problems, right?! Haven’t seen any major complains with the vehicle. yeah parts are expensive n harder to find than a 325i.. but I love the M3 and theres the

                Still doing my research tho…
                Is the Bentley Services Manual useful ?