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Has anyone used a transverse engine lift bar for their S14?

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    The only downside is that I now have a basement full of one use lifts, hoists, jacks, etc. They are as cheap as renting except now I own it. The old days you would rent and return and not take up space.

    On the other hand it is sure nice to have one of the items when you need it. And if you are cleaning up there is always the for sale ads.


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      I have also had good luck with Harbor Freight and if something breaks or doesn't work right.....bring it back and try a new one or get a refund. Easy peasy....


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        Princess Auto is the equivalent here in Canada. Often the items even look the same as HF or just painted a different colour. Have an engine lift, stand and bar. No issues.

        A version of the simple bar is what I used as well and was stable.


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          Thank you guys. Iím getting a basic version myself. Going to give it a whirl.