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    Ok great. I did the same. Just wanted to make sure.

    According to the Dealer Repair Manual, the guide rail that sits on top of the timing chain needs to be centered. Mine is making contact with the top of the chain, but has a gap on the lower side of the chain. The manual doesn't mention how to actually center the rail and I can't seem to find anything about it online. Do I just put some washers under it to lift it up, or is there a better way to do this?


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      Washers might work, but if they are too "coarse" in their adjustment you will need shims.

      IIRC they are M8 bolts holding on the guide rail. You can buy shims places like McMaster-Carr:

      Just find the 8mm ID shims in whatever thickness you need. If you are outside the USA try whatever industrial hardware supply place is in your area. They are not hard to find.

      I am sort of curious why they are needed though. In my case the guide rail centered perfectly on the chain with no washers or shims, and I imagine your parts have the same specs...?
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        Sounds good. Thanks!