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Drilling bumper to mount EVO 2 front spoiler

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  • Drilling bumper to mount EVO 2 front spoiler

    I need to drill my front bumper to mount an EVO 2 front spoiler. Are there any tricks to getting the hole locations correct? I seem to remember there was a write up on this many years ago that showed the locations for each hole to be drilled.

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    Ok the way I did was mark on top chin spoiler centre of the hole
    put on bumper line up ,and mark the bumper take off chin spoiler
    insert the bolts on chin spoiler
    then measure down to centre of where hole needs to go mark bumper check at least 3 times then drill holes and pray

    will try and find some pics

    good of luck mate


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      Thatís what I ended up doing. It really wasnít that hard, just time consuming. The only difficult part was figuring out how high up on the bumper the spoiler should fit. I ended up aligning it so that the top of the spoiler was even with the bottom of the hole for the outside air temperature sensor. I searched all over the internet and it seemed like no two of them were mounted in the same location on the bumper. I also found a picture of a stock Evo 2 bumper with the factory holes for this spoiler and saw that the corner holes were slotted. I did the same and it made it easier to install. Everything is going off to paint now.